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Allen Carr established himself as the world’s greatest authority on helping people stop smoking, and his internationally best-selling Easy Way to Stop Smoking has been published in over 40 languages and sold more than 10 million copies.

In this classic guide Allen applies his revolutionary method to drinking. With startling insight into why we drink and clear, simple, step-by-step instructions, he shows you the way to escape from the ‘alcohol trap’ in the time it takes to read this book.

His unique method removes the feeling of deprivation and works without using willpower. Allen dispels our illusions about alcohol, removes the psychological dependence and sets you free to enjoy life to the full.

Praise for Allen Carr's Easyway:
“I would be happy to give a medical endorsement of the method to anyone.” Dr PM Bray MB CH.b., MRCGP

“His skill is in removing the psychological dependence”  - The Sunday Times.

“A different approach.  A stunning success” – The Sun

 “I was exhilarated by a new sense of freedom.” - The Independent

Health, Mind & Body
November 3
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Customer Reviews

Mark Knickerbocker ,


14 years of solid drinking...stopped on a dime.

DavidWilliam1 ,

I actually stopped drinking

Wow this book is incredible. I heard about this on the Joe Rogan podcast from comedian Nikki Glaser. I thought it would just give guidance to cut back which I definitely needed. 36, was a daily drinker, weekends were almost no limits. I could go 2-3 days without but then would crave. So I figured it couldn’t hurt. After starting it a few days turned into weeks, after I finished I just literally haven’t even wanted to drink. The book only took about 10 days to read and absorb the content. You can drink while you read it but by the end you will likely not even want to. Now it has been over 90 days without a drop. The results are amazing. I would say anyone could use this book. Friends and family can’t believe this actually happened after reading. The author literally debates every reason you’d ever have for wanting to drink. I am still easily able to socialize at bars, happy hours, house parties etc with friends who drink. Totally give it 5 stars and have been recommending it. This was my experience. I was not in need of AA, my life was not in shambles, my family life was fine but I just compulsively drank for no reason and was just getting tired of the rut, so I would say I was searching for a change. My 90 days also coincided with Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Haven’t even been tempted. Will it be the same for you? I can’t answer that, but I can’t recall another book that had this much effect on my life and well being. Happy reading.

Andre AXR ,

Life changing! Must read!

This book changed not only my life but also my family’s lives too. The author peels back the layers of hypnosis to help the reader what really lies behind it. I read the book once and never drank again. My family and I are better off because of Allen Carr’s book. Thank you, sir.

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