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“Unique, intriguing, and hard to put down.” - Nerdy Girl Book Reviews

When Alexa’s car is pushed over the edge of the Pacific Coast Highway, she fears Death has come for her. Instead, she is recruited by alien time travelers who want her to work for them. The aliens give her a mission; go back in time and eliminate the threat of a global pandemic. They’ve linked the plague to one man, Luke Lawson. But when she tracks him down, he’s not at all what she expects. He’s honorable, intelligent, and every time he’s near her heart and mind wage war. Can she trust him? Is he all that he seems, or too good to be true?  

Luke Lawson is a scientist, not a black-ops assassin. Drawn into a classified project and asked to create a vaccine for an engineered virus, he accepts the challenge. But this virus is like nothing he’s ever seen before. This virus will wipe out human life as we know it. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have a choice. Someone has to figure out how to stop it. Then the beautiful Timewalker, Alexa shows up claiming his research is going to wipe out most of the world’s population. Time for Luke to make a decision…believe the sexy woman in front of him is completely insane, or trust that she’s both from another time and telling him the truth.

Too bad simply agreeing to help her won’t be enough. The virus’s creation was no accident. Alexa’s aliens aren’t the only players in the game and they didn’t travel through time alone. An immortal enemy wants all of the Timewalkers dead, and Alexa is first on his list. 

Join Luke and Alexa as they are pulled into the struggle between good and evil, warring alien factions, secret government agencies, and a covert group of allies who hold the fate of all mankind in their hands.

September 23
Michele Callahan
Michele Chambers

Customer Reviews

wickster72 ,

A must read

I heard a lot about is book. I did enjoy it, and I want to read the next book. The story was slow in the beginning, as I continued with the story, I came to realize that the story needed the details. It was a very good read and it kept my attention. I would recommend this book.

tabneyFL ,

Unique and completely awesome read

I love time travel stories because I think that the possibilities with them are pretty limitless. That being said, what author M.L. Callahan has done with "Alliance: A Timewalker Novel" is nothing short of brilliant. The story of time travelers who are trying to save the Earth, there are alien races and an alien Queen named Nelina, who are vying for ultimate control with their own army. It is up to Alexa, a very strong female lead, to both evade capture and stop the Queen and her army from getting what they want. I found this to be a very original story that engaged me almost instantly and pulled me into an intense adventure. Loved all of the characters and am anxious for a follow up to this one. Well done.

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