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I have put in a novel an idea for substantial improvement that starts with a messenger visiting a family to deliver a fortune. He arrives in a whirlwind of money, accompanied with an army of constructors that totally renovate the country and make it much stronger. This vitality moves on to knock at the White House door.

Clairedumonde walks through the most powerful brain in the world and greets the President in his office. He gives the President a tablecloth of the finest linen to shine in deep expression of solidarity. The President effects the idea in the United States and promotes its very attractive European components for added impact.

The solution is to uplift the United States economy including Puerto Rico. We print $15 trillion to get back our foreign debt from China and others. We then allocate the debt as investments owned by US citizens to repay personal debts, buy US products and keep for retirement. The benefit of the whole program is $2 million for each family of five, as huge as where we should stand in the world now and more importantly, in the future as other economies voraciously grow. The threat shows up at a social event when a powerful politician invites a beautiful American lady to a dance. He learns that she has chosen instead to go with her Chinese billionaire friend Qing Yuan.

The surge in prosperity solves all major economic impediments for everybody as explained and their growing compounds illustrate. International relations gain balance. The activist ends up in a fuller, more meaningful life with a remarkable Chinese lady. Strengthening economic and cultural ties with Europe creates volumes of wealth. A social movement, new political party and family values serve as background for the meeting for society's salvation. The idea originates in a paradisiacal region known as Constellarium, whence a sidereal splendor endows its citizens with their enabling prowess.

December 4
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