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From the New York Times bestselling author of ASYLUM comes one woman's story as she blogs - and fights back - the zombie apocalypse

Allison Hewitt and her five colleagues at the Brooks and Peabody Bookstore are trapped together when the zombie outbreak hits. Allison reaches out for help through her blog, writing on her laptop and utilizing the military's emergency wireless network (SNET). It may also be her only chance to reach her mother. But as the reality of their situation sinks in, Allison's blog becomes a harrowing account of her edge-of-the-seat adventures (with some witty sarcasm thrown in) as she and her companions fight their way through ravenous zombies and sometimes even more dangerous humans.

"Madeline Roux manages to answer the eternal question all of us must ask ourselves eventually: "When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it will come), how will I handle it?" For my part, I hope I manage it with as much humanity and determination as Allison. But I would like to make a request for bigger weapons."
--Christine Warren, New York Times bestselling author of The Others series

Fiction & Literature
January 18
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

scubadiverman34 ,

A Thrilling Read!

What can I say -- this book is incredible! I've never laughed so much while reading a zombie apocalypse survival story -- reading this book is exciting, fun, and a little nerve-wracking! Roux's characters draw you in, and there is a great balance between fighting action and all those in-between and quiet moments that most adventure stories leave out. When this book started as a blog, you had to wait days (sometimes more!) for each post to come, and since you didn't know when the next one would be, it made it all the more real and unexpected. The preservation of the blog format in this novel maintains that feeling -- and the comments at the end of each post/chapter help you experience (or re-live) what reading the blog felt like. My advice: force yourself to only read a chapter a day, and you'll be dying to know what happens next! You get caught up in Allison's struggle, and you feel like you're right there with her, swinging that axe.

Bottom Line: Read this book. Prepare for zombie apocalypse. Repeat.

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