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Fifteen-year-old Drew Everett loves acting almost as much as she loves herself. It’s a wonderful escape: every time she steps into the shoes of a character, she’s able to forget about her mother’s worsening alcohol addiction and the problems that come with it. But when Drew’s mother decides to leave Los Angeles and move their family closer to a renowned addiction treatment center all the way in Louisiana, Drew realizes that her beloved acting career must come to a standstill.
From the moment Drew steps foot in Swamp Rose, Louisiana, she hates the place. She can immediately tell that it's as backwards and full of racism as she expected. There are, however, two aspects of Swamp Rose life that take the young actress by surprise. For one, nearly every local Drew meets believes in the existence of a supernatural vigilante called “Unseen” who supposedly acts as a local superman. Even stranger, though, is the fact that Drew finds herself falling for her new school’s biggest geek, Ben Morris.
Though Ben’s fashion choices are questionable and his every other sentence contains a Star Wars reference, his warmth and sincere interest in others deeply impress the Hollywood starlet. The closer Drew gets to Ben, the more she realizes she shouldn’t have judged him -or anyone in Swamp Rose- based on looks alone. In fact, when Ben has an encounter with a supernatural being and is soon thereafter captured by a group of officials who say he’s “seen too much,” the young actress realizes that she'd give anything, including her own life, to save Ben. Armed with love and the kind of courage only an actress can have, Drew is determined to find out where Ben’s been taken and rescue him.

Almost Famous is book #3 in The South Louisiana High Book Series and it's recommended for ages 15 and up.

Fiction & Literature
September 13
E.J. Mara
Smashwords, Inc.

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