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Become a Proactive, Assertive Person That Everyone Respects and Learn How to Say No! 

You just can't seem to catch a break. You work hard every day, yet can't get a raise or a promotion. 

You're kind to your colleagues but you still feel like they don't respect you. 

If someone asks you do to something for them, you'll undoubtedly say YES, even if you don't want to. 

Do you feel as if life is punishing you and it simply isn't being fair?

It's not a case of bad luck, karma or destiny. 

If you find it hard to enjoy yourself when something good happens, if you're constantly on alert in case something bad comes your way, you need to go through a process of self-empowerment. 

Sometimes, the solutions to our problems lie in self-retrospective. This workbook will guide you through a detailed self-assessment process, and you might be surprised of the results. If you're finding it hard to express yourself, whether in work environment or at home and if you feel like your voice is not loud enough, you need to transform yourself into a more assertive person. 

This book will help you gain confidence, upgrade your communication skills and reveal the secret techniques of winners!

It does not mean you have to change your identity or personality. It simply means you should focus on your strengths. This book will help you with that, but also discover the assertive, more confident side of your personality. A lot of us struggle with criticism, whether we're on the giving or receiving side. Use this guide to learn how to handle being criticized, but also how to criticize someone in a constructive way. 

Here's what you get with this workbook: 

Self-assessment questionnaires and activities to discover your personal style of communicating

A guide on how to enhance your strength and use them to your advantage in everyday situations

Attested methods to develop assertive behavior and build confidence

A detailed guide on how to build a positive self-image

A list of famous assertive individuals and what you can learn from them

Numerous examples of how to be assertive in everyday situations 

A guide to conquering the fear of conflict 

A deep guide on how to say NO

Techniques for personal empowerment

Even if you feel like you're confident enough to express yourself clearly, you should consider using this workbook to advance your skills further. After all, assertiveness is a communication skill and as such can be trained and upgraded. If you've ever felt like you're not getting enough respect, you should use this book to test your behavioral patterns and find a solution. 

Do you want to gain confidence, become a more assertive person, be able to handle a criticism and gain respect you deserve? 

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April 3
Gerard Shaw
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