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Abby stood back, “But how can I survive? Am I not already dead?”

The very things that have drawn danger to Abby may be the only things that can save her.

Abby's visions are more lucid and terrifying than ever, leaving her with a neverending sense of urgency and a fear of losing what she loves most. Darkness is shrouding everything, and it seems as if time is limited.

From the mysterious work of Bjorn, the foreign werewolf that helped Abby escape her captors, to a spree of frightening events that chill even the most powerful guardians to the core, it's a mystery where the true source of evil lies. The group will have to do some heavy sleuthing and exploring to rescue Salem from the clutches of the unknown and sinister power—and they must act before more fall to the darkness.

By pooling their powers, they may be able to unravel the thick tapestry of dark magic that covers the town and protect each other from harm. Seemingly unrelated events begin to come together, and the great danger becomes apparent fast. This is a battle that will stretch the limits of their magic and call upon powers from the past, present, and even beyond the grave to cleanse the dark magics enveloping them all.

The darkness is closing in. Will there be any light to save them?

The Cavern of Light series comes to an exciting climax in this final installment. Wrought with gripping escapades, magical prowess, romance, friendship, and love, it is a story not to be missed. This must-read conclusion ties up every loose end and will leave fans satisfied, yet wanting more adventures with their favorite supernatural characters.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 26
Majestic Owl Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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