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Are you ready to stop getting rejected and ready to turn "getting lucky" into a daily habit?
Do it today when you get this proven guide to turning betas into alpha males!

**WARNING:** This guide has the ability to turn a sheep into a lion in record time, so don't take the principles taught here lightly.  If proper action of the material taught is taken, possible side effects may include monster raises ($$$) at work, beautiful women at home, a jacked body, and an aura of confidence that can leave even your greatest enemies shaking at the sight of you!

Have you ever found yourself rejected by the cute girl on the dance floor when you're out at the bar?  You walk up to her, trying to make some friendly small talk, and she looks at you unimpressed as she leans in the other direction, chuckling with her other friends as you walk away frustrated.  Or perhaps you were humiliated by your boss during a meeting?  You asked one simple question and he replied in a passive aggressive tone, using his position of power to embarrass and humiliate you.  All you wanted to do was be respected, just once...but you were shot down, and reminded why you never throw yourself out there in the first place.  

Well, I have some bad news for you, bud.  The world isn't nice to guys like you, and to be honest, that cute girl at the bar and your old boss probably never even thought twice about that situation.  Trust me, I know because I used to walk in your shoes.  Until you change how you approach these situations mentally, and change how you approach people within your life, you'll always continue in this cycle of rejection and resentment.  You have to become the start of the show.  Be so good they can't ignore you.  I'll show you how in this book.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What I'll Teach You...

-How To Awaken The Kick@$$ Alpha Inside
-Getting Your Sh#t Together
-Taking Responsibility For Yourself
-Defining Your Purpose
-Taking Action Like An Alpha
-Turning Sh#t Into Sugar And Seizing Opportunity
-Conquering Your Fears & Destroying Every Obstacle In Your Path
-Creating Kick@$$ Habits And Following Through
-Creating Masculine Energy That Women Love
-Body Language Of An Alpha Male
-Look The Part Of An Alpha Male
-How To Get Her To Put You On A Pedestal
-Meeting Women (Like A Boss)

Stop sitting on the sidelines and start dominating the game!

February 26
Owen West
Draft2Digital, LLC

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