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In the sequel to Book 2, Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Kept, the trilogy concludes with Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hunted. 

Living with werewolves is a lesson in Mia's fragility, and stretching the limits of their antiquated pack protocol wears on everybody's nerves. Nonetheless, Mia is an official member of their pack, and Dominic's lover. Satisfied with their romantic and sexy exclusive arrangement, Mia is devastated when Chandra, Dominic's fiancée, arrives during his absence. 

Dominic is worried. Is his love for Mia really his addiction to her blood? Will she eventually become his blood mistress and belong to her, commanding his body and soul? Before he can resolve the issue, the Russian Chess Piece mob strikes his territory. Faced with the king's command to mate his werewolf fiancée, and the mob, he has no time to explain before Mia does what she does best. She runs. 

Danger looms for Mia and all werewolf kind as secrets are revealed about the mob pursuing her. But most disturbing of all, is the Lycan Intelligence Agency’s sudden interest in Mia’s DNA. Will new revelations destroy their love and crush their future? 

February 3
Eva Gordon
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

My Favorite!

This is my favorite book out of the three. Of course, I say that about each book I read of Eva's. I hope we hear more about the werewolf Lev. He is one of my favorites. After finding out things about him, I think his story would be so amazing. I would also love to have a book with Cricket's story. Such an amazing character. In this book we learn more about Mia and her blood. Being a lab tech and testing blood all day, this was right up my alley. I just loved the scenes with Dr Becker. I could really tell that the author has lots of knowledge about genetics. That part in college was the hardest for me. I think Eva could teach me a thing or two. She made everything make sense. If you're not into scientific stuff, don't worry, it's not written as to be the main focus of the story. And omg, almost forgot to mention, Lev naked on the snow and ice was something else. I can't say much about that scene or it will spoil the surprise of him. The ending of this book was great. I was so happy to hear how things could play out for Dominic and Mia.

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