Alphabet Regency Romance Complete Box Set

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Twelve Rollicking Regency Romances from New York Times bestselling author Kasey Michaels.

The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane

Tansy Tamerlane, left penniless by her late father, is working as a governess when she's caught up in playing chaperone to a distant cousin, the sister of a duke. Ashley Benedict, Duke of Avonall, is a man beleaguered. His grandmother is a terror; his aunt is odd. Now, Ashley has a new problem ... how to keep himself from falling for Tansy Tamerlane.

The Playful Lady Penelope 

Lady Penelope is unique in that she wants nothing to do with a London Season, and nothing to do with marriage. Lucien Kenrick, Earl of Leighton, shares those same sentiments, so when the two are thrown together, there should be no problems, with neither of them in the least marriage-minded. But there's always that thing about best-laid plans ...

The Haunted Miss Hampshire

Poverty-stricken Miss Cassandra Hampshire's luck turns when her distant relative, Lucinda Benedict, wills her a small estate. But the gift comes with a catch. Cassandra only inherits the estate if she and Philip Rayburn, Earl of Hawkedon, can share the residence for two months without killing each other.

The Wagered Miss Winslow

Beaumont Remington is a man searching for revenge... but what he finds with Rosalind Winslow, the sister of his enemy, is something much more satisfying. She was a pretty enough little thing, Beau granted, but he didn't hold out any great hope for a love match. However fate had other plans.

The Belligerent Miss Boynton

Amanda Boynton is set on escaping her marriage-minded stepfather, refusing to be "sold" on the open market. She plans a grand exit from Society and an escape to London. Jared Delaney, Lord Storm, is both intrigued and appalled when he hears of Amanda's plan and decides she needs a protector. But the belligerent Miss Boynton has other plans ...

The Lurid Lady Lockport

RITA Award winner for Best Regency Romance. Kevin Rawling, is finally the Earl of Lockport, but when Kevin goes to inspect his country estate, he finds that he has inherited more than a huge, ramshackle old mansion. He had "inherited" Gilly Fortune as well and she is none too thrilled about it.

The Rambunctious Lady Royston

Zachary St. John, Earl of Royston, didn't know he was looking for a wife when he encountered Miss Samantha Ardsley. Samantha didn't care about Zachary's title or consequence and certainly didn't wish to be married to him. But married they became nonetheless. What neither of them expected was to tumble into love.

The Mischievous Miss Murphy

Candice Murphy and her uncle Max con their way through the world impersonating Italian counts and African princes, duping the greedy into parting with their money in hopes of fattening their fortunes. Mark Antony Betancourt, Marquess of Coniston, is sure he knows their game. What he doesn't quite yet know is that Candie will win his heart.

Moonlight Masquerade

A beautiful young miss and her aunt are stranded in a snowstorm and left to the mercies of a nearby landowner who refuses to show himself to his uninvited guests. But, really, that just makes him more interesting ...

A Difficult Disguise

Rosalie Darley, a beautiful young runaway debutante masquerading as boy, starts working in the stables at the estate of her unknowing guardian, Fletcher Belden. But is Fletcher really that blind, or is he playing a game of his own?

The Savage Miss Saxon

Orphaned but quite independent Alexandra Saxon had promised her dying father she'd travel to England and present herself to her curmudgeon of a grandfather, who was certain to take her in. Well, a certain English nobleman did ...

The Somerville Farce 

When Kasey knew it was time for her to move on to single title Regency historicals, she decided to go out with a bang, as it were, writing a Regency farce.

September 16
Kathryn Seidick
Kathryn Seidick

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DawnDeb ,

Alphabet regency romance box set

I read all the books and had a hard time closing my computer they were all that good. Thank for the fun and laughs and the very enjoyable books. Deb

Mrs B#### ,

Alphabet Romance Set

Loved them all, especially Aunt Lucinda's quoting character!!!!!!

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