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Dark.Thrilling. Romantic.

The Pentacle Sons mother chapter rests in New Orleans. The ominous biker gang governs both the mortal and immortal realms. Reveca Beauregard, an eternal witch, proudly wears the crown of the president's female. Her pristine legions of alpha males were hand picked for death's kiss. The immortal life she gave them granted each a spoil from the mystical realms. Primordials of every myth, vampires, shape shifters, soothsayers, and more lurk in the vim of their souls.

All is well in love & war until a lone wolf murders a witch Reveca claims as family. Before this act finds its needed revenge a lover from the beginning of time is released from the grip of a Lord of Death. His arrival at the Boneyard promises the Sons there is much their witch has kept from them.

Kings will clash.

**Sexual content, language,alcohol, violence, death, and other mature content intended for readers 17 and older. **

The Edge Series was originally written and released as serial novellas. Each season holds twelve episodes consisting of four chapters. The entire season consists of a word count that would equal three novels--the new format.

Special note to the reader: This Novel is part ofthe "Web of Hearts & Souls Stratosphere." Each series in this stratosphere: Insight, See, & Edge, can be read INDEPENDENTLY or TOGETHER. Each series contains its own themes, settings, and overall vibe. Together they reveal an interwork of characters and conflicts.

EDGE SERIES READING ORDER Alphas Rise, Dark Lure, Sacred Betrayal, Risen Lovers, Fall of Kings, Queens Rise, Stolen Son, Disloyal Souls, Aftermath.

COMBINED WEB OF HEARTS AND SOULS READING ORDER: Insight, Embody, Image, Whispers of the Damned, Witness, Vital, Vindicate, Synergy, Enflame, Redefined, Rivulet, Imperial, Blakeshire, Derive, Emanate, Exaltation, Disavow, The Witches, Revolt, Scorched Souls, Fractured Thrones.

*If you are a fan of Adult Paranormal Edge (Season 1&2) can be read with the Web of Hearts, before of after Exaltation--the stories share the same characters. Season 3 can be read after Scorched Souls.

INSIGHT READING ORDER: Insight, Embody, Image, Vital, Vindicate, Enflame, Rivulet, Imperial, Blakeshire (Drake's Story), Emanate, Exaltation, Disavow, Fractured Thrones.

SEE READING ORDER: Whispers of the Damned, Witness of a Broken Heart, Synergy of Souls, Redefined Love Affair, Derive (Aden's Beginning), A Lovers Revolt, Scorched Souls.

Perfect for Fans of T. S. Joyce, Kresley Cole, Jeaniene Frost, J. R. Ward, Gena Showalter, Donna Grant, Lara Adrian, and Karen Marie Moning.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 17
Young Blood Wild Heart
Jamie Magee

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