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Together in one collection – the Alterations Trilogy

Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will

Desperate to change their lives, Gigi, Ellen, and Lilly prepare to risk everything for love, health, and happiness.    

A secretive Dr. Kite with a novel chip implant offers a mind-controlling solution to these three women. 

But when unforeseen issues arise that wreak havoc on the city and destroy his warehouse, along with the discovery of two defective chips he’s implanted, Kite’s plans go horribly wrong. 

In the aftermath of the disaster, one woman seeks revenge for the doctor’s failings. Or is it more than that? Has she seen an opportunity to save herself? 

Will the women find the happily ever after they seek?


What other readers are saying:


“It’s intense, shocking, detailed, captivating and so entertaining!”

“I loved this book!”

“An addicting read!”

“If you are looking for intrigue and suspense this is the series you should read.”

“This is a fast reading series that has twists and turns that left me sitting on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put down until the last page.”

“These stories are thrilling and have an atmosphere of mystery. Wonderfully written and books I would recommend reading.”

“There is so much passion and love put into the women that you can relate to them and become part of their world.”


“There’s something that is subtle and poetic in all of Jane Suen’s writing that stays with you long after the kindle has been powered off, you almost don’t realize how captivated you are in the moment.”

“If you’re looking for a truly intense, fast paced read I would definitely recommend the Alterations Trilogy.”


“I have now read every one of this authors books and I will also read every book she comes out with. She is one of those authors that you never know what might be instore for you when you open one of her books, she is never predictable and I sit afterwards always pondering what I just read. She has a talent that has her in a class of her own and I just can't say enough about how much I love her. This trilogy is simply awesome..totally different than anything I have every read and each one of them had me totally breaking from real life and I was totally invested in these characters…”

“A must read”

“I loved each book in this series. They filled all my feels, laughter, tears and anger. Jane Suen was a new author for me. But after this series, I keep an eye out for anything she writes. I feel you will love this series as much as I did.”

“Top 3 Trilogy of 2018”

“Every letter, every word, every paragraph and every character moved this story along. It was told in such a minimalistic style yet is so full bodied. I felt it had an important moral and I was pleased with how it ended.”

“Fun series. Recommend!”

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 10
Jane Suen LLC
Jane Suen LLC

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