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Countermeasure dives head-on into a melting pot of danger in the Middle East. The stakes just got higher.

CIA Operative Nathan Nelson has built his life on secrets, especially those that have shaped the man he is--secret feelings for a woman he is viewed as off-limits for a decade and events that taught him to keep his shields up. Now, those secrets come barreling down on him at the worst time.

Foreign Service Specialist Rachael Moore is personal crusade puts her in the cross-hairs of very dangerous people. She has risked her life to free herself from the past and in doing so, exposed her battered heart and deeply concealed dreams to the man who once told her he would never touch her.

Unknowingly, their connection may not only bridge the chasm between them, but shed light on a puzzling mystery. Their perilous journey becomes a race for their lives, leading them into a conspiracy rooted deeper than their tangled emotions.

Will their present collaboration shatter the tenuous links of their woven past or forge a future bond they never expected?  

Interview with the Authors 

Q - So what makes the Countermeasure Series special?

A - Countermeasure pulls in the best of Erotic Romance, Adventure and Suspense into one single series. We also aim to write about people, not characters. They are true to life and flawed, also someone you feel you can connect to and invite for a coffee just to shoot the breeze. The series has two separate, yet connected sets of books. The novels develop the bulk of the mystery and adventure in the plot. The short stories and novellas develop the characters and bare the characters' souls to you. All of their dreams, disillusions, fears are exposed in the short stories. The short stories and Novellas are also what we call Romantica. They are stories portraying a day in the life of the characters after their "I do". A mix between Romance and Erotica where you are the fly on the wall during the married couples' intimate moments. If you enjoy high heat, spicy reads involving married couples, you got to the right series.

Q - What order should I read the books?

A - We recommend you read the novels and novellas in the following order. Please note the short stories and novellas are not mandatory reads to understand the suspense arc in the novels.

- Countermeasure 

- Uncharted (FREE prequel with subscription to our newsletter)

- Ecstasy by the Sea (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Cuffed at Midnight (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Take Me 

- Passion at Dawn (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Something Crazy 

- To Russia with Love 

- Blindsided (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Roaming Pleasure 

- Payback 

- Lost to Rapture (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Brazen 

- Christmas Wish (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Alternate Connection 

Q - Why should I give these books a try?

A - Because the Countermeasure Series books take you on a fast, fun and thrill-filled ride that will leave you wanting for more from all of our characters. Readers who are not skirmish about adult scenes and language appreciate the books greatly.

Thank you for reading!

For more information about the series and how the books connect, reading order and upcoming stories, please visit the series' official website.

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- Erotic Romantic Suspense

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- Mystery and Suspense

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Eire Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Contessajj ,

Great book for true action fans...

I love these characters, but the espionage, intrigue, and true heroism are the stars of this book. Cassie and Trevor are still my favorites but Nathan proves to be more than we thought. And Rachel is a total surprise.

susu707 ,

Nathan's Story

This is Nathan's story. While Nathan Nelson has been in both Countermeasures and To Russia With Love, he was a supporting character to Trevor and Cassandra. In Alternate Connection he becomes a lead character and we see the man behind all the layers he has hidden behind.

Nathan works for the CIA and at one time was partnered with Cassandra. What we didn't know is that there was more to his job than just being an agent. Who is he really? I have to admit that I did not like Nathan in the first two books. But the authors outdid themselves in making him a multifaceted character with a lot more depth and feeling than I thought possible.

Rachael Moore was married to Philip who was a close friend of Nathan's. Philip was killed and Rachael is determined to find out the details of what happened. She was working at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv as a Foreign Service Specialist, trying to uncover details when they are forced to evacuate. The convoy she is in is ambushed on the way to the airport and they are taken hostage. Nathan is on the team sent in to rescue the hostages.

When Nathan and Rachael reconnect, the feelings they had for each other become harder to deny. Can Nathan and Rachael discover who was behind Philip's death? It becomes a race against time as they work to uncover the traitor without being killed themselves.

This book is the third in the series and can be read as a standalone. Although I recommend that you read the other two books first so you understand the dynamics going on between Nathan, Trevor, and Cassandra. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Amy - So Many Reads ,

Emotional and full of intrigue!

Where do I begin? There is so much to tell you about Alternate Connection by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey. In this third installment of the Countermeasure Series, we get to learn what makes CIA Agent Nathan Nelson tick and why he was such a jerk in the first two books. I was actually surprised he would get a story because he was quite the PITA to the main characters of the series, Trevor and Cassandra. Nate is quite the complex character, though, and it was awesome to learn more about him.

The mystery surrounding the plot of this story is unbelievable. This one is quite detailed and I found myself hanging on each word to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Alternate Connection is one of those books that you can read several times and pick up something new each time you read through it. The authors did a fabulous job with their research. The action scenes in the book are why I read romantic suspense. I enjoy a good mystery, but it is the edge of your seat action that has me coming back for more. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of those scenes. Almeida and Aubrey do a great job of describing the scenes as if the reader is there with the characters and feeling the same tension.

Now let’s talk about all the love going on in Alternate Connection, which is personally my favorite part. The authors continue to develop Trevor and Cassandra from the first two novels and boy did they put these two through the ringer in this one. It was actually welcoming after reading all the sexy Bits and Bytes of Life starring these two where you think their marriage is all bliss. The conflict in this one showed their vulnerable side and was the source of the tears I shed while reading.

Nathan and Rachael’s love story was so unexpected. I had some preconceived ideas about them from teasers, the blurb, etc, but the way it turned out was much better than what I imagined. There are so many layers to Nathan and to see him peel all those away for Rachael was phenomenal. He is wound tight for so long and to see Rachael give him the freedom to let it all go just by being herself was simply amazing. Their chemistry was palpable even when they tried to hide it so well. I only wish we could have read more about these two after they reunited and were out of harm’s way. The ending felt a little abrupt, but other things had to happen in the story so it worked out.

As for other characters in Alternate Connection, I enjoyed meeting the AWE Crew and reading more about Jessica and Stephan who we met in previous novels). This story is a mystery but so much of it involves relationships. We watch new friends being made, enemies learn to tolerate each other, families adding new members, friendships growing stronger and so much more. Almeida and Aubrey know how to create multidimensional characters.

I only hit on the highlights for me from Alternate Connection in this review. As you read other reviews I am sure you will get a good overall feeling of the depth of the book. If you have read the Countermeasure Series you must continue on with Alternate Connection. If you are new to the series, I highly recommend you start at the beginning so it all makes sense. You will be so glad you jumped into the Countermeasure world.

*I received an ARC of this book for review purposes.*

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