Always Wear Headphones

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Note: 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to a mental health organization focused on helping anxiety, depression, and suicide.*

Hey YOU!

Yes... you... the (really cool) person reading the back summary of this book.  How are you? Having a good day?

Since you are reading the back cover of this book I’m guessing that you’re curious what the heck it’s about. Right? Well, let me tell you, this ain’t no children's book. Full of love, sex, anxiety, and depression this book will chew you up and spit you back out before chapter 4. 

The story begins with me, sitting in a cafe with my girlfriend of three months. Overcome by love, I (stupidly) decide to proclaim my love for her in the middle of a coffee shop. 

“I love you. And I know that one day I’m supposed to marry you.” 

Man... do I regret that moment  :-/

I wish I could tell you that the awkwardness stops there but that would be a bold faced lie. If I was in marketing (I’m not) I would say something like... 

“From navigating online dating apps and relationships, to self-centered friends, and emotionally abusive alcoholics, James (that’s me!) constantly feels like he’s at the bottom of the social food chain. His only comfort is his love for music, which displays itself in the form of original lyrics throughout the book. One crazy day, James runs into Nikki, a bold, spit-fire,  do-things-her-own-way type of person who changes his world-view forever.”

Well... If you made it down here I’d say this book is for you. If you didn’t, oh well.  #YOURLOSSBUDDY.

Thanks for all the memories,

James Merllot

(The Protagonist of this story)

*Donation will be made once a year in December. See for more details.

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