Amaranthine Rain (a Short-Story Collection) Amaranthine Rain (a Short-Story Collection)

Amaranthine Rain (a Short-Story Collection‪)‬

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From the editor:
Zander Vyne often writes about people who tempt the edges of sexuality. Seemingly mild plots can sink into deep horror or build with slow intensity. From commuter trains to vampire lairs, dragon caves to hotel bars, Victorian bookstores to fortune teller’s tents; each setting is as distinct and richly imagined as these twenty stories. Presented as a collection for the first time are many of Zander’s early stories, several previously-published works, award winners, and new short stories written for this very special collection of erotic short fiction.

Stories in this book:
"In the Name of the Father" - A young priest, an abused Mafia wife, and bittersweet love, equal a powder keg of emotion.

"Tricked" - A detective and a hooker are inconveniently hot for each other in this noir-fiction prize winner.

"How Jackson Crumb Remembered how to Live" - Inspired by old romance movies. Sweet and sexy.

"Whiter Than Snow" - Katie visits a unique church for confession. Her penance . . . a BDSM session with a special priest. Featured in a "best of the year" collection.

"Amethyst's Feather" - Twisted adult fairy tale of love between beauty and beast.

"Smoke and Mirrors" - A man is haunted by the love of his life.

"Paganini's Muse" - It's hard being a musical genius when you have a sexy and elusive muse.

"Happy %^&*$%#*^ Holidays" - Joe has an issue, and he’s decided New Year’s Eve is the perfect day to share it with his mom.

"Amaranthine Rain" - A man wakes in a lush garden, vines gripping him in possessive caresses. Flashing before his eyes is a storm of memories of his wife and his life, intertwined with love, sins, regrets, death and eventually redemption. Or . . . not.

"The House Across the Street" - A reclusive writer enjoys mutual voyeurism with his fascinating new neighbor and likes meeting him even more.

"Souvenirs" - She has a way about her (a dark, kinky way), and when she sets her sights on a man, he's putty in her hands.

"The Way of a Man with a Maid" - People in Victorian London loved the World's Fair, but most had one thing on their mind . . . sex. Too bad they couldn't come right out and say it. Featured in a Remittance Girl collection.

"Weather Girl" - What would happen if you had sex in the middle of a tornado? This very short, humorous story was a prize winner and blog-reader favorite.

"The Last Sacrifice" - Inspired by "Game of Thrones", dragon fantasy movies, and "The Wolf and the Dove".

"Pearls for Christmas" - A man reunites with his high-school sweetheart on Christmas eve.

"I Like to Watch" - A man likes to watch his wife have sex with other men until she picks the wrong man.

"The Quiet Car" - Girl on a train with an unexpected twist.

"La Belle Mort" - A condemned woman finds solace and kinky thrills with a mysterious man in Victorian London. A reader favorite. Featured in a "best of the year" collection.

"Break Glass if Broken" - A woman tries to be something she’s not with disastrous results.

"Vacancy" - The start of the "Tales of a Vampire" series (get the first book free everywhere books are sold). An innocent young man gets an education his first night in New York.

Zander Vyne Biography:
Bestselling author of the "Tales of a Vampire Hunter" dark, urban fantasy series, Zander Vyne's short fiction has been included in the legendary "Red Scream" magazine, "The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica" (11 and 12) and many, many other publications in print and online.

Other Books by Zander Vyne:
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Bespelled: Tales of a Vampire Hunter 3

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Omnibus collection coming summer 2016.

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October 15
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