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Second book of the Amazed by her Grace novel (books must be read in order):

In this three-book novel, former Olympic track-and-field gold medalist Grace Gresham-Nelson amazes others with her startling and neat beauty, fierce devotion to rules and order, and ability to remain both popular and famously unknowable at the prestigious, all-girl Beck Academy in Atlanta, where Grace is a nationally successful athletic director.
But when she meets the new student Tracy Sullivan, a gifted basketball player from an area housing project, Grace is so amazed by the teen’s athletic ability that the woman’s famous wall of privacy begins to crumble...leaving woman and teen open to a scandal neither could have foreseen.

(In this second volume, the story moves forward through several months as Grace and Tracy's wholesome friendship evolves cautiously, at first, and then with the speed of infatuation. The book ends with a breath-taking revelation that will leave readers scrambling for the next and final volume.)

Books in the Grace series should be read in sequential order -- book 1, book 2, book 3 -- to follow the story's plot.

Janet Walker's Amazed by her Grace. 1 novel. 3 books. 1 amazing story.

Fiction & Literature
December 12
Janet Walker
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Patty29102 ,

Amazing Grace 1 and 2

I thought Amazing Grace was ok but I really enjoyed 2. I will definitely purchase the others to find out what happens to Grace. Is her secret revealed and will she and Darrell stay together.

FabFive2009 ,

Get To The Point Already!

Book 1 and Book 2: It has a good storyline but there's a lot of filler. I cannot believe I have to read a third book to find out the ending of 4 scenarios within the book that have been left hanging. I will eventually get around to reading the 3rd book to see how it ends. Therefore, I hope the last book does not have a disappointing ending. For the readers, expect a lot of up and down moments as you read these books. On a positive note, the writing style is good.

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