Amazing Africa, Where Is Your Spirit Of Common Good Gone, Amazing Africa, Where Is Your Spirit Of Common Good Gone,

Amazing Africa, Where Is Your Spirit Of Common Good Gone‪,‬

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In 1952, Nelson Mandela said: " In the meantime, people's living conditions, already extremely difficult, are worsening and becoming unsustainable. People's purchasing power is steadily declining, and the cost of living is soaring. Now the bread is lighter than it was two months ago. The cost of milk, meat and vegetables are beyond the resources of the average family and many of our people cannot afford them. People are too poor to feed their families and children. They cannot get dressed, housed and cured. They are denied the right to security, and when they are paid unemployment, sickness or old-age benefits, the amount is too low to survive. Due to the lack of appropriate medical facilities, our people are devastated by terrible diseases such as tuberculosis, STDs, pellagra, the infant mortality rate is very high."

This statement by Mandela sounds like it was said by an African opposition leader of 2017. This exactly what many African countries face, plus AIDS, with few exceptions.

That being so, how could that situation be 60 years after Sub-Saharan countries independence, given the GDP growth rates that have been achieved there for several years?

This is a continent of lack of trust, institutional voids, foreign interferences, and most crucially these are countries whereby the spirit of common good vanished years ago. One cannot expect long-term investment in an untrustworthy environment.
Whereas a lack of spirit of common good commands predominance of non-ethical behaviors like corruption, electoral cheating, tribalism, foreign powers domination and poor environmental records. These are for us, the major causes for underdevelopment.

This book starts with an uncompromising diagnostic and finishes with very innovative solutions. The book also describes detailed examples of very successful country strategies, describing the brilliant journey towards development of nations that were often at worse situations than Africa 60 years ago.

The author has based is diagnostic and solutions on a deep practical knowledge of Africa, and its economics and social dynamic.

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