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Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume Two is the second eBook in a series created for people of all ages and backgrounds that are curious about animals living in the world’s oceans. In simple terms, we want you to feel the same sense of awe and joy we feel when we dive.

The text provides an overview of the natural history of a variety of animals that are commonly encountered by scuba divers and snorkelers when they don a mask, snorkel, and fins and explore the world beneath the waves. More than 270 photographs “show-off” the featured animals and share the nuances of a wide variety of fascinating behaviors.

Animals featured in this book are:
• California Sea Lion
• California Spiny Lobster
• Gray Reef Shark
• Spotted Drum
• Cleaners
• Blue Shark
• Hamlets
• Southern Stingray
• Anemonefishes
• Bug-Eyed Squat Lobster
• Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
• Trumpetfishes
• Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus
• Seahorses
• Lionfishes
• Caribbean Reef Shark
• Gulf Signal Blenny
• American Crocodile
• Crinoids

"I’m confident this book will help you both learn and come to appreciate the special wonders found only in the sea." -  Alex Brylske, Ph.D.  President, Ocean Education International (from the Introduction)
A major point of emphasis throughout every eBook in the series is to help our readers better understand the vital roles served by various animals in making healthy ocean ecosystems function and flourish.

Science & Nature
June 15
Wise Divers Publications, Llc
Wise Divers Publications

Customer Reviews

DeeplyDesigns ,

Brilliant photos and interesting facts.

Both Volume One and Two contain stunning photos and interesting facts about marine creatures. The books are suitable for ocean lovers and animal lovers of all ages.

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