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‘You should always play to your strengths. If you’ve got it, then you use it, that’s my motto.’

Grace is faking it. Her sister may have broken the Pattern but Grace often doesn’t feel like her body belongs to her – the memory of being possessed will do that to a girl. Not that Grace is admitting that to anyone because if there’s one thing she hates, it’s appearing weak. Besides, now that she’s in her second semester at University, things are going to get better. Especially since the University is a long way from Yorkshire. Of course there’s Nick – who is haunted by his own demons after carrying the other half of that ancient and twisted love story – but Grace isn’t worried.

Everything is going to be FINE.

While she may be able to fool everyone else, Grace can’t fool herself. There’s a voice beneath the lulling sound of the tide and Grace’s flat-mate, Laura, is acting weird. Much as Grace wants to avoid any further entanglements with the supernatural, she has a horrible suspicion that Laura needs help … and only Grace knows someone who can.

Just as Grace begins to feel that she may be on solid ground again, supernatural forces or not, she is pitched into a life and death struggle to save the one person she’s come to care for more than anything or anyone else. Grace is about to find that the cost of hiding how you feel is a higher price than she is willing to pay…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 15
J. A. Ironside
Smashwords, Inc.

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