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“Halt you no-good, nefarious … umm … nasty … no wait … uh … no-good … already used that one … umm … nerdy … uh … well you get the idea!”

School bus-chasing pirates, booger-hurling zombies, a teacher that can fire energy beams from his head, and squirrels seeking to take over the world?! It’s all a day in the life for intrepid 5th grader, John, and his mild-mannered buddy, Dave. A headstrong, “leap before you look” kind of kid, John is not what one might call a model student. His penchant for mischief is outweighed only by his proclivity for detention. Rational and tentative, Dave has found one lucky thing in his life – his best friend John. Only sometimes, the trouble that entails seems like more of the same old bad luck.

When John and Dave are given detention by their strange new teacher, they come up with a scheme to wreak havoc on the school. When it turns out that the teacher is not what he seems to be, John dons his paper plate mask and his mother’s polka dot bathroom towel to become The Amazing Magnificent Stupendous Incredible Outstanding Unbeatable Exceptional (and Humble) Rubberband Boy! Armed with only his guts and an arsenal of rubber bands – and with the assistance of his timid companion, Clip Kid – Rubberband Boy must find a way to stop his teacher and save his classmates from a horrible fate. But even if John and Dave succeed, what dangers await from the two mysterious figures in the background?

A story about friendship, heroism, and the zaniness of elementary school, Rubberband Boy reminds us that we all have the capacity to be a hero, and does so with nonstop laughs along the way. Unique characters that kids will want to be, wacky situations that children crave, and the kind of hilarious universe that exists solely in the world of imagination, Rubberband Boy is sure to keep its readers rolling on the floor for years to come.

July 31
Jonathan Neuman
Smashwords, Inc.

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