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The Amazing Me Project came about through years of experience managing various traditional projects within my career coupled with a drive for personal development and unfortunately, a need for self-help.

When looking for ways to better manage my life it struck me that a lot of the tools and structures that I used within project management could be utilised within my personal life. Before long, I had developed a system for becoming the Project Manager of my life!

The Amazing Me Project will give you a framework for setting powerful goals in your life and will help you break down those goals in order to better manage all of the aspects of your life that need to be kept in balance throughout your Amazing Me Project.

This book teaches you that without a strong sense of belief in ourselves, our mind, our purpose and our goals we will not accomplish the things we say we want to accomplish. The Amazing Me Project will show you how to create this sense of belief and how you can start to visualise what it is that you desire in life and manifest it into reality!

Intertwined with the teachings of The Amazing Me Project Management Structure, the book takes you on a journey of my life and will show you how I got to where it was in my life when I just had to make a change. The changes I made allowed me to create this project management structure and my story will show you that you too can make massive changes in your life that benefit not only you but your friends, family and others.

With a strong purpose, exciting goals and a drive to succeed you will be able to create an Amazing Me Project Plan. The book teaches about how affirmations, visualisation and meditation practices can assist us throughout our project right from the beginning when we are deciding on what it is we actually want in life all the way through to when you have in your hands everything that you had told yourself you wanted.

This book really will make you an Amazing Me Project Manager. These tools are simple to learn, simple to put into practice and extremely powerful when you decide to commit and truly believe that you can do anything you set your mind on.

So become the project manager of your life. Set your goals, manage your project and live your life as you decide!

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January 16
Paul Gallagher
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