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Included are real-life oral tradition accounts drawn from the author's personal involvement in tribal life, and his personal interactions with tribal elders (all mentioned by name) who contributed some of these examples included in this book.

The author is a reliable source for the information provided, as he himself is a 4th generation maternal descendant heir to the hereditary Chieftaincy of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks of Guyana, and the reader is treated to a brief history lesson (in a pertinent back story to the Giant Harpy Eagle myth/legend example given) as to his Clans own origins; dating back to the time of Columbus.

This is a valuable resource for academics, the spiritually inclined/curious, as well as parents and older children alike.

For academics, there is a great lack of authentic materials about the Lokono-Arawaks that is actually written by them, usually, we only have the writings of a non-indigenous author's second or third-hand accounts, observations, or assumptions - available for perusal about this ancient tribe of people.

For the spiritually inclined/curious, it is very interesting to learn of an indigenous cosmovision that is totally different from that espoused by most established dominant organized religions known to mankind, and I daresay some insights the author presents are well worth deeper consideration and meditative pondering upon.

For parents and children, it makes for additional reading material that children (in an age where reading is in unfortunate decline) will find exciting to read, in a magical yet scientific and 'consciousness-expanding' kind of way.

Some readers may appreciate how the author weaves proven scientific discoveries of similar creatures into several mythical/legendary examples, inviting the reader to not only do online independent research to verify what he is saying but planting logical theoretical possibilities explaining how one relates to – or could support the existence of – the other.

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October 14
Damon Corrie
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