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Book One:

The 'fictionalized' saga of the Amazons' combines monologue-style storytelling by spellbinding alien characters, to bring the Ancient Astronaut and Human Evolution Theories to life.

These characters will open our world and minds to the metaphysical, magical, and esoteric unknowns of the Universes.

This epic will detail humanity's beginnings and its presumed end- coming in the very near future.

The story of the Amazons is both an adventure, and spiritual awakening.

Prepare to be enlightened. All open minds will surely be blown away!

~Hidden Underground Cities
~Time Travel & Space Travel
~Esoteric Knowledge
~Spirit Energy & Greater Beings
~Extra-Terrestrials and Alien Encounters
~Understanding Vibrations and Frequencies
~Human Life on Mars & Venus
~Goddess Worship
~Secret Societies
& many more mysteries

This time traveling, space opera, has controversial religious overtones, and powerful feministic viewpoints. Some may find certain aspects upsetting or disturbing.

The fictional characters and factions herein, are used in such a way as to educate and enlighten readers about the basic knowledge expressed in Ancient Astronaut Theorem. This book is not intended to read as a novel, and there is very little dialogue within.

The knowledge used to create this story, stems from major religions, Greek mythology, and modern scientific research. The sources of knowledge applied comes from the Holy Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh Epics, and elements of mythology, legends, and modern-day conspiracy theories.

Please proceed into this journey with an open-mind. Nothing is ever quite what it seems, in this book, nor in real-life. Continue to read each subsequent book, to get closer to the truth, and the knowledge this author desires to share.

The journey of the Amazons, and our main protagonist, are being used as a tool for learning. The author considers this book to be nonfiction, and if you are like-minded, you will too.

The Journey Continues...
Book Two: Nadine's Memorandums
Book Three: Camille's Epoch (2037)

"Every 30,000 Earth years or so their traveling planet, known as Nibiru, enters your solar system. Initially, they visited this planet to take what they required to sustain their planet in the form of rare and precious metals… primarily gold.
These Great Beings never intended to inhabit Qi as their permanent home, but rather to obtain all needed resources in order to replenish their own world. Until…they encountered a problem in the endeavor.
Qi, was inhabited by those mammoth beast gods. These behemoths inhabited every corner of Qi. For the Great Ones from another world, these reptilian monsters needed to be terminated by any means, so that they may proceed with their mining agenda.
The monsters were cold-blooded, cruel, strong, territorial, and unintelligent. They were worthless in the eyes of the Great Ones that have very little tolerance for roadblocks to their missions.
There was only one way to rid Qi of these disruptive monsters without completely and entirely destroying the planet. The Great Ones from another world brought fire and brimstone from the skies with the power of their flying technology. They took four interplanetary ships, each a third of the size of Earth’s moon, and stationed them on the four corners of Qi.
The gravitational pull caused by these crafts brought about waves of meteor showers and catastrophic weather changes that would immensely alter the landmass of the Pangaea…forever."
-Nadine's Bible (an Excerpt)

April 23
T Lindsey-Billingsley
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