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Start learning how to speak with an American accent with this engaging multi-touch book. American Accent Fundamentals helps you learn the principles behind spoken American English in a fun and interactive way. More than 120 pages packed with interactive features, including videos, slideshows, audios, quizzes, and visual graphics, designed to show you the fundamental rules underlying American speech. Learn about stress, intonation, vowel sounds and much more!

Each chapter features straight forward explanations of patterns and rules you can use right away.  Each lesson includes concrete examples of how to apply these techniques using everyday dialogues spoken by native American English speakers. Read each lesson and see it in action immediately! 

Here's what you will find in the chapters:

** Instructional explanations of the critical American accent rules & patterns that you absolutely need to know

** Real life sentences & dialogues for practicing the featured rule or pattern

** Infographics that show you the key principles in a visual way

** Tutorial movies for problematic sounds

** Quizzes to test your knowledge of what you learned

** Useful and practical dialogues that you can use everyday

Developed by American Accent specialist Susan M. Ryan, this book is ideal for those who have never studied the American accent or American English pronunciation. Learners who have previously been introduced to the American accent will also find this media-rich book useful for further review and practice.

Download American Accent Fundamentals today and start speaking American English with clarity and confidence!

Please note that due to the rich media content of this multi-touch book you may experience longer download times. We will update this book periodically, so please email us your feedback and feature requests directly - thanks!

November 1
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Confident Voice

Customer Reviews

M. L. Winter ,

This Book is a Wonderful Resource

I am a higher education professional who has worked with many international students. One of the things these bright students all have in common is their desire for success with their American colleagues and clients. It may initially seem unimportant, but one of the main things holding the students back from success is their inability to master the American accent. This book is a great resource for anyone wishing to understand and master the basics of the American accent. The book is easy to read and includes audio and video adjuncts to the text as well as tests and success stories. Kudos to Susan M. Ryan of ConfidentVoice for creating this wonderful resource!

phundley ,

Great resource English learners

Clear, well developed overview of the American accent with great multimedia content including text, audio, and video. Even as a native English speaker, I learned a great deal about my own accent! I especially liked the practice dialogs and can see how using this book would lead to better communication skills for anyone seeking to speak English more clearly.

Toucaan56 ,

American Accent Fundamentals

This book is a great resource for people trying to learn english. I am a high school teacher who works with a lot of English Language Learners and I think this book will be very helpful. ELL
Students don't get much, if any, instruction in English pronunciation. This book would serve as an excellent foundation for high school or college students who want to learn these rules.

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