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American Culture and the Nigerian Society
by Innocent Emechete

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About the book:

An experiential observation of behavioral problems in some American and Nigerian children by the author sparks off this inquiry. Thus "American Culture and the Nigerian Society", an investigation into whether America has influenced other countries like Nigeria and to what extent, is born. It starts by looking at the word culture which makes a people unique and the cultural ramifications within and outside America. The author researches into whether or not these American influences are for better or for worse in the recipient countries. Incidentally Nigeria and the United States have something in common: both were once British Colonies; Nigeria for two months shy of forty seven years (Jan.1, 1914 to Oct. 1, 1960) and America for one hundred and twenty four years (1651-1775).

The author finds out that technological advancements have made it possible for American culture to take root in other countries like Nigeria. There are cultural exchanges in goods and services; the good, the bad, and the ugly are also exchanged: crime and drug culture, and sexual revolutions of the sixties are no exceptions.

In Churches there are religious cultural exchanges too. Through televangelism American religious views spread through many countries like Nigeria. The sense of the sacred disappears within a few decades. The author discovers too that the Church loses its moral fiber and its moral high ground by the day and replaces them with money, the 'almighty' dollar. The congregation in the pews is desensitized by losing a big chunk of the sense of humanity and feeling. Killing innocent lives becomes a common place activity that does no longer raise eyebrows. Moral decadence sets in because there is nothing sacred and no more sanctity of life in the very young and the very old.

The lawmakers, being part of the congregation in the pews across America, almost resoundingly say 'amen' to the foregoing. After all they make the laws, which the Presidents sign. The third branch of Government, the courts, register their consent through activist Judges. Then things completely fall apart. Who are the victims in all this? Our children! Since children do not stay passive, they become negatively active. We see it school shootings, students cutting school or classes, drug activities, bank robberies, and other deviant behaviors that land about two million of our children in prison. The author has some suggestions that can rescue our children from this downward trend if 'all hands are on deck'.

As in America so it is in satellite countries associated with America. The author focuses on Nigeria in particular and makes some recommendations to help Nigerian children to fight with the giant and not be crushed unto death.


January 9