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Here is Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bruce Catton's unsurpassed account of the Civil War, one of the most moving chapters in American history. Introduced by Pulitzer Prize-winner James M. McPherson, the book vividly traces the epic struggle between the Blue and Gray, from the early division between the North and South to the final surrender of Confederate troops.

August 20
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Customer Reviews

AJPirate ,

Great Civil War Book

I thought this book was great for learning more about the Civil War. I had a somewhat hard time following some of the battles, but that could just be from my complete lack of military strategy competence. Overall, it's a great book about the Civil War and I would recommend it if you're interested in that particular time.

Les Lipkind ,

American Heritage History Of the Civil War

On one level this book is an excellent overview of the Civil War. I gained a powerful appreciation of the significance of the war to our country's history. Because it does such a good job of providing an overview, I was left feeling that I wanted even more detail and background, especially in the political realm, that this volume did not provide. Again on the plus side, reading this book has energized me to read more by this author and by other Civil War historians.

sgulie ,

Solid narrative with links to in-depth material

I was initially skeptical of such a slender volume on such a large topic, but Catton and McPherson are both eminent civil war authors, so I started reading. The authors produce a compelling and thoughtful narrative that covers all aspects of the war: military, political, economic, and psychological. It will reward newcomers to the topic the most, but even aficionados will find value in it.

Depth of detail is impossible, but the authors provide live links to a wealth of online information providing as much detail as most readers will desire, cleverly knit within a well-organized story line.

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