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This edition of Study Briefs presents a comprehensive condensed overview of significant historical events in the United States (US) from its prehistory (1000 AD) until 1877. It is a jump-start orientation compiled by our experts to help you see the broad picture of the subject matter quickly, American History Volume 1 covers the Colonial Period, the American Revolution and US Constitution, the New Nation, Jacksonian Democracy and Westward Expansion, Conflicts and Causes of the Civil War, the Civil War and Reconstruction. Inside you will find a wealth of information compiled in one convenient resource, Graphical time lines provide at-a-glance orientation for each categorical time period. Details of main events provide basic facts and dates. Brief profiles of major figures align important people with the time periods and events in which they were involved. Need-to-know terms and concepts for each period are included. Quick access to facts and figures offers the reader a solid foundation to build upon, American History Volume 1 is the ideal study companion for students taking an introductory American History course. It is also an interesting and informative short read for anyone with an interest in knowing more about the main events and historical figures who played a role in the early years of American history. Check out the American History Volume 2 Study Brief, which continues the second part of America’s story from where Volume 1 ends to the present day. Study Briefs are concise and visual academic outlines that help students and professionals master key concepts quickly and accurately. Don’t spend your valuable time researching on multiple websites, paging through books or investigating reference sources. Our experts have done the research for you! Compiled in one convenient guide, you will find up-to-date and reliable sources presented in a visual and easy to follow format for everyday use. Choose from our ever-growing library of need-to-know topics in the following subject categories: Business, Math, Reference, Science, Language, History and Technology!

February 1
Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC™
Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC

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