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American Pastoral is the story of a fortunate American's rise and fall—of a strong, confident master of social equilibrium overwhelmed by the forces of social disorder. Seymour "Swede" Levov—a legendary high school athlete, a devoted family man, a hard worker, the prosperous inheritor of his father's Newark glove factory—comes of age in thriving, triumphant postwar America. But everything he loves is lost when the country begins to run amok in the turbulent 1960s. Not even the most private, well-intentioned citizen, it seems, gets to sidestep the sweep of history. With vigorous realism, Roth takes us back to the conflicts and violent transitions of the 1960s. This is a book about loving—and hating—America. It's a book about wanting to belong—and refusing to belong—to America. It sets the desire for an American pastoral—a respectable life of space, calm, order, optimism, and achievement—against the indigenous American Berserk.

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May 12
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Customer Reviews

MBhb68 ,

American Pastoral

I cannot give this book any stars. Without a doubt one of the two worst books I have ever read! I plowed through this gibberish and incoherent book to see how it would end and it was just as disappointing as the rest of the book. Read if you must but be warned! I can't imagine how they can make a film out of this??

cmartin911 ,

worst book I’ve ever finished

This is the worst book I’ve ever gotten through. I wish I had back all the hours I wasted reading it and the $10 I spent purchasing it. Don’t waste your time.

4488662 ,


It began as a story, midway it began as a confession of guilt the last half was a journey through exhaustion for the reader and impatience with endless detours of self implosion wholly uninteresting .....

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