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April is National Poetry Month!

Introduction to Americana

Poems can be reflective or reactionary. In a reflective mood, the poet comments on past events. His or her voice may be calm, wistful, and longing. They are preservers of the moment. When poets put on their reactionary mantle, they are more vocal and want to move themselves and others to action In this small collection, Harvey has both the reflective voice and the force of the reactionary. 

Viewing the Vietnam War, race relations, and the cultural renaissance of the 1960's and 1970's through the prism of a child's eye shaped Harvey's views and points of view. The poets Allen Ginsburg, Amiri Baraka, Langston Hughes, and Ai shaped his voice.


New York!

Herds of humanity 

Graze on street corner slop and ride in the bellies

Of silver worms beneath city gutters

Street people are ragged and unfashionably stinky.

Everyone else is fashionably ragged.

"Andy" sells me a beaded sweater

off an old lady's dead shoulders.

A roguish Puerto Rican painter copies

A Robert Colescott painting as his own black creation.

Got all dressed up to go to the theatre in Harlem.

Got there stinky and hot--Harlem,

Who bombed it?

Noise all night long in Brooklyn.

No ugly people live in New York

Everyone is Cafe' au lait. Tall boy with five-inch hair

Sits wide-legged on the sub in baggy trousers.

His throat is stiff with defiance, But his dark

Eyes linger in mine for a moment.

Everything is for sale in New York

Even a hug from daddy long legs.


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