Amish Celebrations

Four Novellas

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From bestselling author Beth Wiseman come four sweet stories centered around celebrations in the Amish community: rumschpringe, baptism, weddings, and Christmas.

The Gift of Sisters

Hannah and Rachel are fraternal twins approaching their sixteenth birthday—a time when they will be allowed to spread their wings and enjoy their rumschpringe. The sisters couldn’t be more different: Hannah is outgoing and beautiful, while Rachel is shy and withdrawn. And when newcomer Abraham Stoltzfus arrives in Lancaster County, both women fall head over heels for him, each fighting for his affections in their own ways and driving the sisters to turn on each other. Who will Abraham choose? And will Hannah and Rachel reunite after a devastating heartbreak?

A New Beginning

Rebecca and Noah are in love and about to be baptized. But when Noah decides to enjoy one last night of his rumschpringe a few weeks before the ceremony, he does something that causes Rebecca to reconsider his proposal. As Rebecca and Noah navigate the turn in their relationship, Rebecca must learn to forgive Noah or abandon her dreams of marrying him. If Noah won’t forgive himself in time for the baptism, his guilt could cause him to run from his love for Rebecca and leave his community behind.

A Perfect Plan (previously published in An Amish Wedding)

Priscilla King has been planning to marry Chester Lapp since she was sixteen years old, and when Chester pops the question on Priscilla’s nineteenth birthday, wedding plans begin immediately. But everything begins to fall apart as Chester works to build a house for his new bride, only to have one disaster after another occur. Can true love take this couple through the challenges that threaten their union, or will they begin to doubt that they are on the right path, the one God has chosen for them?

A Christmas Miracle

Mary is twenty-seven years old and already has five young children. Married to her husband at age eighteen, she wasn’t quite prepared for motherhood, and exhaustion and frustration are sending her into a downhill spiral as the holidays approach. Too proud and ashamed to ask for help, Mary’s situation begins to take a toll on her marriage. But when an elderly man in a red suit and his sidekick elf befriend Mary, showering her with wisdom and advice, she must choose to accept help, learn to cope with her situation, and ultimately find the true meaning of Christmas.
Sweet, inspirational Amish novellasCollection includes four stories (23K words each) that can be read together or on their ownIncludes discussion questions for book clubs

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July 10

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Engaging stories!

Amish Celebrations by Beth Wiseman is a collection of Amish novellas. The Gift of Sisters is the story of Hannah and Rachel, fraternal twins, who will shortly turn sixteen and enter their rumschpringe. The sisters have always been close, but newcomer Abram Stoltzfus comes between them. Hannah, the beautiful and outgoing sister, quickly catches his attention knowing her sister was interested in him. Gideon has been friends with the twins their whole life, but he has fallen in love with Rachel. Does he stand a chance against the charming Abraham? Will the twins let a man come between them?

A New Beginning takes us to Paradise, Pennsylvania. Noah will soon be baptized and then marry Rebecca Fisher. He decides to enjoy a last Englisch party before his rumschpringe ends. Noah spends the evening talking with McKenna. Two weeks later, Noah calls off his wedding to Rebecca. Paul Fisher, Rebecca’s brother, has yet to be baptized and has been quietly meeting with McKenna. After seeing McKenna hug Noah, he jumps to conclusions and quits seeing her. What made Noah change his mind? Will there be a happy ending for these two couples?

In A Christmas Miracle, young Rachel Marie King sneaks off to visit Santa and his elf at the local toy store to request help for her mother for Christmas. Bruce Hanson, the Santa and Joan, the elf, are touched by the little girl’s request and send a check to the family. Mary King has five children under the age of seven and she is overwhelmed and exhausted. Gabriel, Mary’s husband, does not understand why Mary cannot keep a clean house and take care of the children as well. He is tired of sandwiches and coming home to a disorganized home. Mary visits Bruce to return the check which gives Joan a chance to talk with Mary. Joan feels God is calling her help the worn-out mother and begins visiting her with Bruce tagging along. Bruce has been at odds with God since the loss of his wife but being around the King family is helping him resolve his issues. See how God helps these individuals during the holiday season.

The fourth novella, A Perfect Plan was previously published in An Amish Wedding. I enjoyed reading these lovely Amish stories. They are well-written and engaging. My favorite novella was A Christmas Miracle. It is such a sweet, heartwarming story with good characters, special message, humor and a satisfying ending. I like how the Christian values and themes were incorporated into the story. We see the importance of having strong faith, the power of prayer, how God has a plan for our lives, events happen in God’s timing—not ours, the value of helping others and how God is always there for us. Beth Wiseman creates delightful characters. Though each story is short, we get to know them and see them develop. My least favorite story was The Gift of Sisters. I felt the two sisters were too young to become serious about a beau (they are considering marriage). It is realistic with two sisters fighting over a boy, but I thought it was predictable. My rating for Amish Celebrations is 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). Amish Celebrations contains stories that will touch your heart.

Ellen/Oceanside ,


AMISH CELEBRATION. BETH WISEMAN. Collection of four short stories about the lives the Amish have. Bruce doing community service for a week playing Santa, noticing an Amish child in line, which was odd. Telling him, her English friends, say he grants wishes. Was a favorite of mine, a tender, sweet story. The decisions from being sixteen, to decisions of marriage, their traditions, with some a mix of English ways. They were all heart warming, different and interesting. The love of family and strong belief in God, was once a again, strongly told in Beth’s stories. Can read separately, and readers will definitely enjoy. Given an ARC by Net Galley and Zondervan for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

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