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Will sixteen-year-old Ella have the strength to fight for her future with Samuel in the face of treachery, violence, and a shocking tragedy that threatens everything she's ever wanted?

Set in a whimsical Lancaster County of fantastic possibility grounded in strong Christian values, sixteen-year-old Amish orphan Ella faces constant abuse as she struggles to do all of her own chores as well as those of her two older cousins. Ella has only her whittling and a deep and abiding faith in God to give her strength and comfort. Desperately wishing for some kind of escape, but knowing that it is almost impossible as she has neither time nor permission to step away from her work to court with other local boys, Ella prays every day for a chance to pursue her dream of having a loving home and family of her own. But when Ella meets the deacon's nephew, Samuel, who has moved from Somerset to Lancaster, will their instant connection be enough to defeat the treachery of Ella's cousins, the violence of her uncle, and a tragedy that threatens to destroy the fragile hope for a future that Ella has managed to hold onto in spite of all odds?

Find out in Amish Cinderella - Book 1 by Rachel Stoltzfus

Fiction & Literature
December 11
Global Grafx Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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amyharrison98 ,

Alright Book

This book was interesting, it had an interesting plot line too. The only thing is that there are so many grammatical errors, and it makes the book hard to read. For example, instead of saying 'my sisters and me,' the author wrote, 'me and my sisters' this does not make sense, because the 'me' or 'I' is supposed to go after. Also, the author switched from past tense to future tense so many times. All in all, the story was good, but the errors need to be fixed.

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