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Charlotte Miller has been boarded up in her house for sixteen years because of a mysterious illness, and when she is finally healed, her mother and sister are killed.
Fearing that she can't make it on her own, she tosses the one thing that can stop the disease from relapsing: her umbrella. As she travels in hope that the sun will kill her, she crosses paths with an Amish candy man who somehow intrigues her with his blunt businesslike manner.
Her uncle has a book of rules for courting; can she reel this traveling candy man in? Would it be worth it to live if he'd fall in love with her, or should she wait for the sun to take her?
God had sent a Son many years ago, One that died on Calvary, and despite tragedy, persecution, and the struggle to forgive, this Son may be the answer, and He just pulled into rural Indiana.

Fiction & Literature
December 30
Sicily Yoder
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

(dont know) ,

Amish Hope

The story needed to be proofread. It took from the story trying to figure out what the typos were supposed to be. Pretty good story tho, even tho I would get lost sometimes trying to follow what was happening.

Diana Hunsaker Myers ,

Amish Hope

Diana Hunsaker Myers---I loved the basic storyline and the characters. A young Amish girl lives her young life looking out the attic window. She's cruelly told hair tonic gave her an illness that doesn't allow her to go out of the house. Her mother and sister died suddenly. And she is left to do all the arrangements, because her brothers stay in their own lives. Then she goes to a store and meets a handsome candy man. Her world broadens but painfully cruel secrets await her. For that reason I gave this 3 stars.
I felt, the story seemed like a narrative devoid of significant emotion in expected places. It was interesting but didn't draw me in. Because Charlotte wasn't give the emotions in expected in when secrets came to light. It was hard to be truly drawn in. And those secrets were brought to light out in a small paragraph and the story continued. I I would prefer a longer novel with more description, emotion and thought to significant events. A longer book would have been exciting.

Sicily Yoder ,

Amish Hope

Who is this author and where was she educated (if she really was). I have never read anything with so many grammatical errors! It was unbelievable and I can't believe I wasted my time reading it!

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