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Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead in this post-apocalyptic zombie series.

Thousands of years after a zombie apocalypse wiped out the majority of humans, the world is a very different and harsh place. It's safest to live behind the fortified walls of the Kingdom of Golden Rock, or it least it had been. Rumors of an army of dead led by a man calling himself The Scholar have proven true, and even the most secure cities are no match for his undead soldiers. The Scholar's goal is to crush the world of the living, but he also wants to capture a simple baker named Saffi, though no one seems to know why.
Saffi's father vows to protect his daughter, and flees The Scholar's path, only to fall prey to other evils of the world outside the walls. In just one day's time, Ward and Saffi's lives will be forever altered, and the secret about why The Scholar wants her will be revealed.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 3
A.R. Wise
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Seraphim Aria ,

Among the Dead and Dying

An excellent combination of fantasy and horror coupled with post-apocalyptic science fiction.

Read this novel.

dkegley870 ,

Excellent storytelling!

I found this in the “free book bin” in the iBooks store. My experience with free books has been somewhat less than grand. Sometimes the quality of the writing itself is poor, with typos and grammatical errors. Sometimes the quality of storytelling leaves a little to be desired, with sentences that don’t flow smoothly and dialogue that nobody would really speak with. Sometimes the plot devices are just weak and contrived. And far too many books are just retelling the same old stories with different character and place names.

“Among the Dead and Dying” is an absolute gem! The quality is excellent and the story is amazing. A R Wise created a world that feels real and lived in. It doesn’t seem like the setting or situations are taken for granted. He fleshes it out and gives the world a reason.

Now, I’m pretty cheap. There’s a reason I dig through the free books: I don’t want to pay to read if I don’t have to. But I’ll end up paying to read the next two books in this series because he made a world I want to go back to.

Paul from Aruba ,

Excellent book mixing epic with zombies

The beginning is a little hard to get into as you are projected into a strange world, but then it grips you.
I enjoyed the fact that good guys die easily in this novel, which makes all the difference with so many uninteresting books

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