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A premium insight into the city's character, enabling you to go beyond tourism and find The Essence™ of Amsterdam.

247 pictures, 28 sound clips and 17 movies make this a unique eBook - as well an incredible introduction to the true essence of one of Europe's great cities. 

Combining his own experience and that of a diverse group of locals, David Beckett tells the story of the city in the words of the people who shape it. 

25 Amsterdammers share their experience of life in Holland's capital - including former Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen; tattooist to the stars Henk Schiffmacher; Hollywood actress Halina Reijn; ‘Mr Ajax’ footballer Sjaak Swart; musical fashion superstars Shirley Hart and Bas Kosters; former prostitute,Mariska Majoor; rapper and artist Def P; and world famous shoe designer Jan Jansen.

Other characters featured are; comedian and columnist Youp Van ‘t Hek; author and editor of Time Out Amsterdam Nina Siegal; street artist Laser 3.14; author of Quiet Amsterdam, Siobhan Wall; head of the Amsterdam Museum, Paul Spies; and gay rights activist and performance artist Fya Hopelezz.

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June 16
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MikeinAmsterdam ,

What makes Amsterdam special

I've been living in Amsterdam for a few years now as an expat from the States. Whenever someone asks, "how do I like living in Amsterdam" I tell them that I love it because it screams creativity and individual expression. I find that here, people are more willing to put themselves "out their" to add their unique spice of life or to simply follow their passions…..or curiosities. David, the author who I had a chance to meet in Amsterdam, did an amazing job on this book. He put together some touching stories and in within the iPad format, it's really fun to read with the photos and videos. This was my first book reading from an iPad and it's definitely cool! I'd recommend this book to people that enjoy hearing about people's unique personal experiences and encounters that are off the common path. Amsterdam has a reputation for being a city on the edge….and in this book, David captures it.

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