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Financial planner Luke Reynolds has his sights on a new client, but just when he’s finally secured a golf meeting with the eccentric billionaire, he’s told he must win the game against some upstart competitor named Ken. Unfortunately, Ken is a beautiful woman. And she beats him. Things are about to get down and dirty.


Kennedy Ward’s ambition is fueled by her father’s medical bills and supporting her four younger siblings. So when billionaire family man Bentley Williams assumes the bickering between her and Luke is because they’re a couple, Ken assures him they’re happily engaged. Next thing you know, they’re invited to a weekend at his estate.

Only one of them will win this game.

And one of them will lose their heart.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Each book in the Clover Park Series can be read as a stand-alone novel, or for more fun read them in order. Characters you’ve loved from past books frequently pop up in other books. 

The Clover Park Series 

Book 1: The Opposite of Wild 

Book 2: Daisy Does It All 

Book 3: Bad Taste in Men 

Book 4: Kissing Santa

Book 5: Restless Harmony 

Book 6: Not My Romeo 

Book 7: Rev Me Up 

Book 8: An Ambitious Engagement

Book 9: Clutch Player

Book 10: A Tempting Friendship

The Clover Park STUDS Series 

Book 1: Almost in Love 

Book 2: Almost Married 

Book 3: Almost Over It    

Book 4: Almost Romance

Book 5: Almost Hitched

December 8
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Customer Reviews

MikkaJane ,

Being so Ambitious can be overrated.

What did you love best about An Ambitous Engagement?

I loved how Luke finally won Kennedy over. Their fake engagement definitely brings to pass the ultimate ending of all endings.
I was very emotional off and on throughout the book. I enjoyed all of the laughs and the sad parts equally. Luke and Kennedy are truly suited for each other.

Who was your favorite character and why?

I don't think I can honestly say whether or not I preferred Luke or Kennedy more. I got equally irritated with them both. Though if I really think about it, I got a little more irritated by some of Kennedy's attitudes than I did of Luke. I had genuine sympathy for Luke several times. Though for both of them I say they dug themselves in deep where Bently and Candy were concerned.

Have you listened to any of Charles Lawrence's other performances before? How does this one compare?

Yes, I have listened to him through the whole Clover Park series. He does an outstanding job on each book.

If you could rename An Ambitous Engagement, what would you call it?

I think it would be something like this...The Swallowing of One's Pride.

LOL...I wouldn't change it though.

Any additional comments?

I loved reading this book. I hope everyone else who reads it, loves it as much as I did.

Maura Prenty ,

A Terrific Read!

An Ambitious Engagement makes for a wonderful read. Luke Reynolds is a satisfying combination of confident, stubborn, caring and protective. Kennedy is a fiercely independent go-getter with a family loyalty streak a mile wide. Toss them together in a fake engagement as they chase after the same client – a client that could make or break their careers – and you’ve got instant fireworks.
Kylie Gilmore has, once again, created a group of characters that are so much fun, you’d love to invite them to dinner. Not only are her lead characters a fun couple to hang out with, but there’s also Luke’s wonderful and funny extended family (and trust me, all the Reynolds/Marino men are H-O-T Hot!). Kennedy’s brother causes her some headaches, but watching her do whatever she can to help him makes you love her all the more. And the cherry on top of this particular character sundae are the potential clients – an eccentric young billionaire and his new bride. Believing everyone is as in love with love as they are leads to some awkward yet steamy hot situations for Luke and Kennedy.
Everything I’ve come to expect from a Kylie Gilmore novel is here – family warmth, quirky humor, and plenty of spicy heat. Another winner for Clover Park!!

Connie Merrill ,

Ambitious engagement

I Loved the way the book started with the car chase. It was funny how she handled it when they met at the golf course. It was fun and games after that all through the book. I enjoy reading your books because the female characters are strong and not just the male ones.

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