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Wrongly framed for a crime he didn’t commit, convicted murderer Jake Hartford breaks out of prison and runs for his life. Making his way to Colorado he hides out in an old friend’s cabin, hoping to stay hidden until the manhunt cools down and he can make his way to Mexico.

Instead, a beautiful African American woman lands on his doorstep during a snowstorm and demands that he give her shelter. All goes well until she discovers he’s a convicted murderer and her heart is already on the line…

Excerpt:Jake opened his door and stopped in his tracks, his eyes glued to Leona as she stood in the middle of the living-room, her feet set slightly apart, and his gun held firmly in her hands – directed at him.

Somehow, Leona knew about him and from the look on her face along with the unmistakable tremor in her hands, it was evident that she was terrified of him. “Leona, I can explain.”

“Okay. Explain why Jake Hartford, a convicted murderer, is keeping me hostage.” Her voice shook as she said the last word.

“You’re not a hostage, Leona,” he said softly, his eyes glued to her face. She refused to say anything, but watched him with an expression that made him feel like filth. She was scared and disgusted by him at the same time, and for a moment he just wanted to escape the haunting look.

“Are you going to kill me?” she asked bravely.

“You’re holding the gun on me. Maybe I should be the one asking that question.”

“I’m not the murderer here,” she said angrily, tears shimmering in her brown eyes.

Jake gritted his teeth. He was suddenly tense with rage. Leona was the only one who had seen him as a normal person in the last four years, and now she knew. He wanted to scream and throw things, break something, do anything to bring back the trusting smile on her face.

April 20
Pink Lotus Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC