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With two elder sisters making their ways in the world, Honoria Staunton feels left behind. She decides that leaving Longstone village is the only way forward and boards the first train to London, knowing it means reconciling with her grandfather and marrying whichever suitor he has selected for her.

Due to a handshake agreement by his late parents, Philip, Marquess of Hardingstone, is duty-bound to wed his guardian’s daughter. He journeys to London with a heavy heart, struggling to prepare for this inevitable betrothal, while the effervescent beauty seated across from him represents everything he’s ever wanted in a partner—and the future he is unwilling to compromise on.

The two travelers hatch a mad scheme to marry each other, but find their engagement is anything but convenient. When family and responsibilities stand in the way of love, will Philip and Honoria have the strength to go through with their plan?

June 18
Fifty Forty Productions
Allyson Head

Customer Reviews

TheSassy1962 ,

Not as good as the first two...

Perhaps it is the youth of the heroine that makes her so annoying, but this last book of the trilogy wasn’t believable from the outset. I found the story repetitive in gushing emotion and void of any great conflict, which made it read flat. When the six main characters were together, I enjoyed the story more...probably for the diversity of the personalities...something, ANYTHING to give dimension to it all. Considering how selfish and spoiled the youngest sister is, there could have been many conflicts, and redemption, but instead she walked all over the hero. Not my idea of an exciting romance. Well written aside from the flat plot.

Hope in Gulfport ,

Loved it!

Enjoyed the first book free, and liked it so much that I bought the other 2 in the series. I was not disappointed!!

Frito1960 ,

Excellent reading/author

What a wonderful Author and a great series
Full of romance- you’ll be delighted by every page you read

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