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I’m so grateful that this multimedia course book of both the most popular Iranian musical instrument and one of the world’s largest families of musical instruments is now available to the enthusiasts. Furthermore, Payvar’s course for Santur is widely believed to be the most efficient teaching method among the entire Iranian instruments since lots of many students who have been taught this method have turned out to be brilliant Santur players through all these years. 

As it has been mentioned in the preface, this course, even this interactive version, is not a self-study book. In fact, learning any musical instrument needs a teacher as a guide.


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April 4
Ali Samadpourmotalebi

Customer Reviews

Mehrule ,

A top-notch combination of technology and culture!

Along with the other Mahoor's institute interactive-books that has designed especially for iBooks library, Samadpour(series' producer) has done a perfect job to make a handy guide for Santur. ( which might be usable for other instruments of his family like Cymbalum).
Like other Iranian instrument courses by the publisher; graphics ,design and the clarity of the book is the first thing which catches the eye. For sure, it is a great example of an interactive course throughout the Apple's library. Sound examples and videos are very helpful and also have an awesome quality. For english-speaker readers, there is a translation for every single word in the book too. As an Iranian musician, i am definitely sure that this book could be the most authentic Santur guide that one can find here in the web. The book has been taught for decades in Iran and other parts of the world. For me, reading and flipping through this book's pages, was a very fun experience as well as a learning opportunity .