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This book is aimed to open the door to a method of teaching this Iranian elegant musical instrument, the Setar, to all Iranians from all over the world, and to those who are deeply interested in the Eastern musical culture. And that’s the reason why the book is in two languages, English and Persian. There are certainly other methods of teaching the Setar which we hope to publish in the near future. This method has been devised and developed by Rouhollah Khaleqi in collaboration with Mousa Maroufi and Nasrollah Zarrin-Panjeh for the first-year students of Iran’s National School of Music. Hossein Alizadeh, a then student of this school, has played the lessons. (2063508)

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October 3
Ali Samadpourmotalebi

Customer Reviews

Mehrule ,

Colorful, Efficient, Persian !

Highly recommended. These series of learning persian instrument designed by famous Iranian tār player and composer, could be an authentic and exact source for this purpose.

The book is reproduction of one of the most famous Iranian methods for learning setār. This volume covers basic techniques and you can easily learn some famous tunes and also helps you to form an idea about how this instrument works. Great design and very accurate and beautiful colors throughout the book is astonishing , compared to other self training books at ibooks , this course could be a role model to being simple, beautiful and efficient for learning.

tasvir13 ,

A piece of art by itself!

This is a fantastic book/app combination, beautifully designed and artistically put together. It is also one of the most complete and comprehensive music apps. It is very interactive, with great interface and easy to use and follow even if you are not a musician. Additionally, it is nicely translated and therefore making it available to all English speakers who love to learn about Setar! It goes to show that the authors are knowledgable and have worked hard to create an iBook with useful multimedia content.

Alireza Koosheshfard ,


می بینیم و می شنویم و انگار که لمس می کنیم درس های استاد رو. دقیق و شفاف و بی نظیر. ممنونم واقعا.