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We are so glad that Persian classical music now explores new territories through technologically modern and effective tools. In this respect, we are already one step ahead of the musical regions of the Middle East. It is hoped that Iranian immigrants all over the world who are really interested in Persian music along with those who teach or learn this Iranian original art value and support such a contribution since the ultimate aim of this interactive series is to harmonize the pedagogical ideals and to promulgate Persian classical music as well.

The second ‘Course of Setar’ was prepared to publish by the endeavors of Rouhollah Khaleqi, Mousa Maroufi and Nasrollah Zarrin-Panjeh in the late 20th century. The book has been reviewed by Houshang Zarif, and the lessons have been played by Hossein Alizadeh. But it has to be mentioned that we have systematically changed the structure of the original book. Actually, we have incorporated fingering guide illustrations, the composers’ biographies as well as their photographs into the original book. Here also you can learn how to change the strings and frets of a Setar through video. And as a final surprise, the Setar crafted by Abol-Hassan Saba is presented in 3-D. (3821337)

Arts & Entertainment
September 24
Ali Samadpourmotalebi

Customer Reviews

Hamid.Attar ,

Exciting Interactive Book of Seh Tar

This is one the most intelligent books available on teaching Seh Tar. This book forms a deep understanding and appreciation for the Persian music.

Masandasa ,

Most Helpful

This book and also other ones in this series are very hefpful for who those are trying learn iranian music out of country. The videos, audio samples and explanations are very fantastic and great!
Thanks to Mr. Ali Samadpour, Mhaour Publications to produce this book.

Mehrule ,

Reliable, Eye-catching

Totally reliable.
In this book readers can learn more detailed practical information about Setār and its fundamentals. One the most exciting things about these books ( in my opinion ) is its designer and his colleagues through project. Usually in these kind of books on the web, you would expect the book to be more popular rather than scholar, but in these series you will see international persian music scholars, author or in this volume Ramin Jazayeri famous Iranian Tar and Setār virtuoso which teaches some lessons on fretting and changing the strings. This fact, makes book very reliable. Again we can see the colorful design and high quality images. Ali Samadpour has done a great work on preparing this editions, a balance of being scholarly and user-friendly.

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