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Peter A Myerson, IV, a successful businessman in New York City, has little time to deal with a house left to him by a great-aunt he never knew. He will simply go to New Orleans, sell the house and return to his well organized life. That plan flies out the window when he meets CJ Fortier, the historical preservationist hired to restore Belvedere Place. As different as they are, Peter is instantly drawn to her passion, and not just for her work.

In the process of remodeling they find an old diary written by his great-aunt with entries dating back to the 1920’s. It’s a glimpse into the past when the house was a speakeasy and brothel and gives them ideas for fulfilling a few fantasies of their own. As their relationship deepens, Peter finds he needs to rethink what he wants out of life.
“I don’t know how to explain it,” Peter said. “My life has always been laid out in very even, very straight lines. Each step I took was calculated to take me to the next level, just like the constant, upward rise of the profit margin on my company’s annual report.”
Peter was forever equating everything to a business report, whereas CJ dealt in a more creative if not emotional style.
Did he want more than the passionate interlude she had envisioned? She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. “I happen to know you have some great incentives.”
Incentives and passion can’t help them, however, when treasures referred to in the diary lead them to trouble. What will happen when CJ is kidnapped and to save her, Peter must discover the information only his great-aunt would have known?

February 11
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