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While there are those who spend their time in modest pursuits, upholding propriety befitting the lords and ladies of the ton, it would seem that for others scandal is just a sin away…

Nicholas Sheridan, Viscount Roxton - Can the wicked aristrocrat ever atone for his sins?

Infamous for his wickedness, Nicholas must pay the price after his sinful actions lead to the death of one of his peers. Guilt forces him to change his scandalous ways and seek redemption through marriage to a proper lady.

Miss Abigail Laytham - Will the headstrong beauty be able to forgive?

Abigail is determined to avenge her beloved uncle's death and make the man responsible pay, even if that man is her former beau, Viscount Roxton.

The Sins & Scandals Series:
#1 An Invitation to Scandal
#2 A Scandalous Passion
#3 A Sinful Temptation
#4 The Lady's Sinful Secret
#5 Surrender to Scandal
#6 A Sinner No More 
#7 The Sweetest Sin (NEW!)
#8 A Most Scandalous Christmas (Dec 2016)
#9 A Hint of Scandal (Spring 2017)
#10 Sins of a Soldier (TBD)

November 18
Kelly Boyce
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

SpecCollLib ,

Surprisingly good

I found the two main characters to be quite well-developed; I rooted for them to be together. This is a book in which we readers know the "full story" well before the major players do, and I found my heart just aching about the terrible misunderstandings that precipitated the horrific events leading to the hero's & heroine's entire story.

A few (relatively minor but present nevertheless) grammar-ish issues - things that "real" editing (meaning, as opposed to the kind that so many self-publishers pass off these days as editing) would have caught (for example, the correct word is "wont" not "want" when speaking of what someone is apt to do) - prevent me from giving this the full 5 stars. Were it possible, I would give this 4.5 stars.

ClaudiaS1234 ,

Good book

The book was good. As other people have mentioned, secrets are present, specifically with the male lead. You do not know the whole back story in the beginning. I found myself asking questions and feeling confused. But, the author chooses to give out the secrets little by little, until finally the reader knows all, but the main characters do not. My only cirticism, and the reason i did not give it 5 stars, was becaue the male lead, although charing and likeable, was getting blackmailed from varous directions. I felt he lacked a backbone at times. These aspects also left the female lead kidn of just waiting around for the man to fix things.

kimmyt60 ,

Unlikeable Lead

My first bad review for a character. The main lead girl was just horrible and selfish throughout the story. She never seemed to fully repent for her actions and she failed to receive compassion as a character. Overall I did not like her and found myself rooting for the second lead girl because she seemed like a better option.

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