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An Officers Love Story was inspired by a dream I had! It is a gift to me
from God and Great Masters! a gift for pulling from the Ethereal Realm
The Latest Testament! It is the book of all books, of all time! It contains
Masters Master Keys of Pitch Black Philosopher Stones, and Universal
Scrolls! the frequency vibration rate of the universe is Aum! When Aum
enters man it is Om! Aum permeates all; through our foods, air, manna,
dew, elements, sunbeams, breaths, medulla oblongata and the crown of
our head! Everything is in Aum! Oms in everything! Om is Lifetrons
and Lightrons units of R.N.A. messages making mans D.N.A. do what
it does; attract reproduce and submit to the will of God: this book is
bodacious truth! And Im giving it to the world, all at once! It is a direct
result of the good karmic seeds, I have sown! And I share these gifts of
grace with you once again! Volume two will be published by early 2012!
It will usher in the Golden Age, and stand for all times!

This story is about everything I have ever seen done felt thought and
dreamt! It is the culmination of every book I have ever read! And all the
cosmic experiences the Masters have led me to! It is the absolute total
sum culmination of all of my past lives, that Allah has allotted my little
soul light! Its all that I have witnessed, learned, and thought that I have
learned! All the love and experiences with women! Every sex act: all of
the people I have encountered along the way! Even the shadows are in
this deep well! Every movie or commercial! Every documentary and
historic event! Every celebrity or politician speech! Every game, game
show! Everything! Even Trumps Apprentice! My eternal souls experiences
and expressions for a billion years! all that I have experienced, done, seen
and thought of, are in An Officers love Story! I Am The Biggest Blackest
Man Ever! Bar None! And Im Conducting The Biggest Blackest Soul
Train, Ascending, Into Heaven! Welcome aboard! And behold me bring
this dream to life!!

This is my sixth book to be published by the one and only Xlibris
Corporation @Xlibris.com! They are the very best! Check out my website
WWW.TheLatestTestament.org And WWW.AnOfficersLoveStory.org.

This creation was the easiest to write! It is my longest book, and
was the easiest to bring forth! It originated from a dream I had last
year in April or May of 2010! Easy because all I have to do is turn on
my computer, sit, place my hands in the typing position, and wallah,
the words begin flowing! I use the music playing on my radio now, my
recordings, and all of the music I have ever heard! All of the art Ive seen!
All of the places I have been! I use the television, sounds from outside,
the bumblebee buzzing by, the birds, ants and the dogs barking from
across the way! I use every book, phrase and word Ive ever read! From
Baldwin to Hess! Alex Haley, Eldridge Cleaver Malcolm, Kalil Gabrion,
George Jackson; the Holy Bible, Koran, Upanishads, Bahagavad Gita,
Vedas, Yoga Philosophy, Kabala, the Rosicrucians and John Shaft! Damn
right! Everything! Lottee, Dottie and the whole damn party!

And from every extra sensory perception! Every visit, from Great
Divine Masters; Jesus, Babaji etc.! Babaji is Purely Omnipervasive!
Yogananda, Thirumoolar, the Magnificent Siddhas! And The 5 Phases
of the Kriya Yoga Tradition! Every song and every sound Ive ever heard!
Every hour days months and years, I spent in Kriya concentration,
breathing Pranayamas, looking and waiting for meditation that came
to me, as bliss on the waves of Om! And every body strengthening,
and employed mental forces exercise I have ever undergone! Every poor
board I have broken! All of the people I have taught martial arts to! All of
the years of dynamic instructions I have joyfully received! Every event,
that happened to, and around me in the military, and while sailing the
seas! Every order that I have

July 28
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