An Only Hope An Only Hope

An Only Hope

A Search for the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living

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Caution: An Only Hope could soften a hard heart or open a blind eye. Humor and pathos surely enough for one lifetime unfold in patterned fashion. Gods faithful hand on displayso obvious yet mysteriousencourages, protects, comforts and heals.

A lot of water shimmers under the bay bridge. A lot of aqua and blue streaked water teems with reds, speckled trout, sharks, sting rays, pelicans diving, and dolphins leaping.

The wind sometimes churns the sea an angry gray and occasionally threatens to blow my dreams away. Last fall it blew in the red tide with its stench of death, choking the lungs and making the eyes tear. That same wind changed on a whim and blew the algae out to sea, and easy waves covered all as if nothing had happened. And so the waters of the gulf mirror my life with all its beauty and challenge.

Katherines plane has repeatedly crashedin a childhood rape and a failed marriage, her sons heartbreaking choices, in her own illnesses of body and soul, as well as sore disappointments in church and work alike. Yet though often smashed, the fine aircraft of her life has never burned. She is indeed an exemplary survivor. Her story will encourage readers who want to look life squarely in the eye, and to be buoyed by her bedrock faith that (as a Tolkien character says) everything sad will become untrue.

Ralph C. Wood, professor of theology and literature, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

There are some people created by our heavenly Father who have courage along with faith, and this book captures the authors steadfast resolve to go through her memory bank of joy along with the agony of loss. I know it will be a blessing to all who read it. The sequel will be in heaven when all are reunited.

Barbara Creighton, friend, CEO, Sarati International, Bayview, Texas

A compelling, candid look at a life of faith.

Hamilton Musser, pastor, CornerStone Church by the Bay, Laguna Vista, Texas

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February 25
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