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A Midsummer Knights Romance: A Tournament World of Chivalry, Intrigue, and Passion

An Outlaw's Honor

When the only man she can trust is known for his dishonorable past, what could go wrong?

A Dishonorable Man

Thomas Brisbois of Kelso has only one goal when he arrives at the tournament--to defeat the only knight who ever bested him in battle. If he succeeds, the Scottish king will return to him his lands, his honor and his life. He has little interest in other prizes, and even less when he learns that the lord for whom his rival fights has included a daughter among the spoils at stake in their contest-- a lovely daughter with no desire to play the pawn, or to see her father's champion win. She is a distraction, all the more after she explains her own ideas about which knight shall have her, and how and when.

A Desperate Woman

Annora may be a pawn in her father's plans but she has no intention of letting that happen without a fight of her own. When she sees the frank desire in Thomas' gaze for her, she makes her own offer—she'll help him win if he'll let her go. . . after he beds her. Her plans go awry when she discovers the truth of the man beneath the armor. The man who had lost everything and struggles to regain his life. 

Only the ultimate tournament battle will reveal if she's made the biggest mistake of her life or if she's found the answer to all her problems in trusting an outlaw's honor.

A Midsummer Knights Romance Summer, 1193. England is in turmoil, and a great tournament is scheduled near the border of Scotland and England. The greatest knights and lords from England, Scotland, Ireland, and France have gathered to compete for a great prize. There will be celebrations and jousts and feasting. It will be an exhibition of chivalry and warrior skills, a breeding ground for treason…and for love.

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June 23
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CelticBarb ,

An Outlaw’s Honor by Terri Brisbin


Book: An Outlaw’s Honor
By @Terri Brisbin

Series: Midsummer Knights, #6

Release Date: June 23, 2020

May 1193, Northumberland, Scottish-English Border

Thomas Brisbois of Kelso is in King William of Scotland’s dungeon starving to death awaiting his execution. As his father and he himself had made some enormous blunders betraying their Scottish King and his Kingdom! This caused them to lose their lands, titles and holding. They previously had been royal torturers some called bone breakers. Now the King has given Thomas a reprieve and promises to give Thomas his freedom and return everything that was taken away from him, if he does this one small favor for his King. Of course a dying man in his current position would accept anything to escape the hangman’s noose!

This is at Lord Yves tournament in England on the Scottish/ English border to compete, win and humiliate the Scottish King’s enemy! This King’s enemy is Lord Robert de Umfraville, however Lord Robert now has his own champion, who is Sir Lawrence Le Govic. This champion was also an enemy of Thomas Brisbois of Kelso! As this enemy line seems to grow longer in by the minute. This game piece also includes de Umfraville’s beautiful daughter Annora, who was the ultimate and biggest game piece of this prize. As the Scottish King wants Thomas to seduce and discard, to ruin this innocent woman in the most dishonorable way possible. This would be easy as the lassies were always attracted to Thomas both in and out of bed. Plus Thomas needed more in a wife than this woman had to offer. After all his King will most likely ruin them financially and socially and he needed wealthy dowry who could hold her head up high. Of course this was before he got to see and know her. Soon he sees how she is just a pawn in this game piece on both sides of the game. Yet his honorable self is not happy with this part of the puzzle. He had no idea what Annora’s father had done to earn the King of Scotland’s wrath. No matter what the reason was for but Thomas definitely recognized this was just good old fashioned revenge!

Unfortunately this would be no easy win for Thomas who has been malnourished while in the Kings not so inviting filthy and starving accommodations. Plus the fact even when Thomas is in tip-top form and shape, they are both big men and this man was a dirty fighter - that always broke the rules and cheated. In addition this is the only Knight who beat him on the battlefield! Annora is being forced to marry Le Govic who has a questionable past wondering about the fate of three dead wives before her. She understands her forced marriage would be an abusive and unhappy one. After all her own father beats her and treats her like a cow to be sold on the market. She is just a pawn to be sold. As he is a monster just like Sir Lawrence, and realizes Thomas Brisbois of Kelso, the Scottish traitor and former prisoner is the lesser of the two evils. Of course he also happens to be the most beautiful man she has ever seen too! Yet she wants this agreement with Thomas on her own terms and he must promise will eventually let her go and give her the freedom she desires. Soon she and Thomas are more acquainted, Annora starts peeling away the layers of Thomas’s fake self and finds a man of integrity, honesty, goodness, protective nature, honest, honor and passion. Annora knows her heart is in danger of falling in love with this man of such rare beauty both inside and out. Will this man shatter her heart just to satisfy his King of Scotland?

I will stop here as there is so much more to this incredible awe-inspiring book. A book Brisbin fan whether new or loyal readers of her books do not want to miss.

I have been reading Terri Brisbin novels for over two decades and she is definitely one of my favorite authors. I find her clever mind pretty incredible. She is one of those rare authors that keeps my attention going where I can read one of her books in one sitting! Her stories make me laugh but also make me cry and some of her steamy, passionate scenes sometimes make me blush! Do not misunderstand I still love the passionate scenes and read every word or lick! Yet each book is a HEA though each couple has to go through a lot of hurdles to get there!

“An Outlaw’s Honor” by Terri Brisbin is a book I absolutely and unequivocally love and highly recommend!

Disclaimer: I received a gift copy from the author for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog. All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

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