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Marc Matthews, intensely private star of the hit show Destiny, hates his fans. He can think of nothing worse than having to speak to, sign autographs for, or have his picture taken with them. So the day he finds out he’s contractually obligated to attend the biggest TV Convention of the year, Desti-nation, is not a good one for him. Left without childcare for this four-year-old Tyler, he has to take his deaf son with him to the biggest fan event in Las Vegas.

Ellie Roscoe, deaf interpreter and fangirl, has reached her fandom limit. After this convention she is done with TV shows, its stars, and the fan scene in general! No more binge watching, no more fan fiction, no more gif sets. It’s time to move on. But after the convention… After she’s met her favourite stars one last time, and finally claims the elusive Marc Matthews’ signature to complete her poster.

Why Tyler runs off, it’s Ellie who rescues him, but will Marc be prepared to listen to a fangirl?

Meet the stars of the hit TV show Destiny in An Unconventional Meeting, the first of the Fangirl books; a series of books dedicated to women who love TV shows, computer games, the internet, and everything else geeky!

August 21
E. V. Darcy
Victoria Smith

Customer Reviews

OldBookGirlJA ,

Sweet, Stubborn & Charming

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I loved following both Ellie and Marc as they navigated through the few days the story takes place over. As Marc's back story unfolds throughout the book, I was both empathetic and yet frustrated at times....wanting to yell at him that not all fans are the same! While I also connected with Ellie, and what I imagine it would be like to attend any type of "Con"; meeting like minded people you share a passion for a hobby/interest/etc together with, and then also to "fangirl" about actors of a show that you adore. Nothing seemed too far fetched, as I imagine there are times/places/people that something like parts of this story could happen to. (or has happened to) I also wanted to slap her at times, for her quick judgement...but I think that was a bit of my own "pot/kettle" moments.

At times I worried that I wouldn't be able to follow all the characters, as there are many supporting characters that could launch their own stories. Some would be intriguing, with what any reader knows at this point, while others may become more interesting as the future stories unfold....eventually perhaps even getting their own stories (read cast mates of Marc and best friends of Ellie). I look forward to seeing where the series goes, and following this authors writing.

I will say that I don't remember seeing anything regarding the "steam" level of the story. I would say that this had a medium level, as nothing was too shocking but there are descriptive scenes that some may prefer to not read. While there really isn't a cliff hanger - there is a set up for what I believe the next book must be about, so I'm hopeful that there is a nice transition.

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