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No other woman compares…

Six years ago, Athena Townsbridge broke up a wedding. This worked out well for her brother and the lady he loved, but Athena has never forgiven herself for what it did to Robert Carlisle. No one has seen him since he fled the church in humiliation, so when she learns of his estate's proximity to the property she is staying at during a family visit, she sets out, determined to make amends.

When Robert, Marquess of Darlington, is reunited with Athena, she's no longer the troublesome girl he remembers, but rather a fully grown woman. Trapped with her when a blizzard sets in, he rediscovers her playful side, the laughter and joy she can bring to his life. But it is her willful nature that tempts him, both with the need to tame her and with the dream of making her his.

December 8
Sophie Barnes
Draft2Digital, LLC

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miaburke54 ,

Fate Steps In

I’ve always enjoyed Sophie Barnes stories. She’s a talented author who writes with feeling and conveys those feelings beautifully in her stories. I do however prefer to read longer books, one, because a part of me just can’t stand for a good story to end and two, because I feel like I have a better opportunity to know all the nuances of the characters. “An Unexpected Temptation “ is a delightful story of fate’s intervention.

Athena and Robert story is complicated and that on his wedding day a 14 year old Athena blurted out that her brother, Roberts’s best man was in love with his bride. Humiliated and embarrassed Robert left the wedding and has not been seen or heard from for the past six years, until now. Athena has never gotten over the pain that she caused Robert that day and has long for the opportunity to apologize. When Athena discovers that Robert, the Marquess of Darlington’s estate is right next to the house she’s staying in for a visit she decides to make the most of her opportunity and go to apologize.

Athena was a wonderful character who only wanted her brothers happiness at 14. She never considered the pain that she would cause Robert. Robert was a good man though he never forgot his humiliation that day. When she showed up at his door he was reluctant at first but offered her tea and shelter from the cold. Trapped there in a sudden snowstorm these two got to know one another and Robert realized that perhaps fate had stepped in that fateful day.

This was a thoroughly charming story But I enjoyed immensely. I loved the epilogue which shows the happy couple five years later. I was thrilled to find that Robert loved Athena just as she was and her faith in him was in unwavering.

Thank you so much Sophie for this beautiful heartwarming tale of love and fate.

Peg1951 ,

Fantastic Finale

Six years ago, fourteen-year-old Athena Townsbridge humiliated Robert Carlisle when she stopped his wedding and announced the bride and her brother were in love. Robert is now the Marquess of Darlington and living near her family’s estate. This means social contact may be unavoidable, so Athena decides to try to apologize and make amends for the pain she caused. Athena is and always has been a hoyden. She is the last person he wants to see, but here she is, in his parlor, unchaperoned. To make matters worse, a snowstorm strands her at his home. The visit is quite contentious at the start, but as they spend time together waiting for the storm to abate, Robert realizes that he likes Athena, a lot. What is he to do now? Has Fate thrown them together? How will he face her family?

An Unexpected Temptation is a quick, cute read with wonderful characters from the whole series. It is full of fun, surprises, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Athena and Robert’s story is the perfect finale for this wonderful series about a happy family. I enjoyed and recommend it.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

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