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Hannah has a good life. A beautiful home, a loving husband, and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings. But she has carried a heavy burden for years: a secret that no one must know. When tragedy strikes, her secret threatens to be revealed, jeopardizing everything she’s ever loved. Will Hannah be able to face her greatest fear and find God's purpose for her life?

Fiction & Literature
June 9
J.E.B. Spredemann
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

wc racer ,

Tear jerker!

Cried sad tears and then happy tears as Hannah and Christian worked and prayed their way to God’s peace.

Tatsmom25 ,

A Moving Story of Forgiveness

I rarely write reviews, but this book is something special. It takes a very difficult, emotional topic and turns it into something beautiful. We can’t take back our mistakes, but through Christ we can overcome any sin and be a light to others as we trust in him. I will encourage my teen daughters to read this book as well.

BonnieBonnet ,

Amish Myth

This book is total FICTION. Amish life is hard.

Amish 80% of the nations puppy mills. Lancaster County alone has over 600.

The Amish are unspeakably cruel to their animals. They dispose of their used up crippled horses at horse auctions selling them to Mexican/Canadian slaughterhouses.

Girls are literally “owned” by their fathers until he presents her to her husband.

Wives have no say in anything. They are bred like brood mares. Sex abuse is rampant.

Education is not encouraged in order to handicap and prevent Amish youth from leaving the cult.

The Amish are hypocrites they use power tools and own cell phones.

They love tourist cash. All their furniture looks the same no matter where you buy it.
Nothing craftsman about it.

The Amish live for cash. They love the “English” money but teach their children they are evil.

Don’t romanticize a misogynistic cult. There is nothing kind and gentle about them.

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