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A "normal" American family decides that normal just isn't cutting it anymore. They start doing crazy things like visiting 52 zoos in 52 weeks, taking a 5-week trip to Cambodia, quitting school, and going down this crazy path called unschooling. They decided to take the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference.

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October 21
Marla Taviano
Marla Taviano

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misskatev ,

Amazingness, is that a word? Oh like I care.

Thank you for being the freaking music to my ears!!!
I have struggled with public school since day numero uno. I went to public school and by high school started crying and begging my mom to let me do home school (back when it was considered weird), continuation school or whatever else I could do to not ever have to go to that stupid building they referred to as a high school ever again. I was decent at school but just hated all the people. Is hate a nice thing to say? Like I care. Everyone was so worried about their clothes and sports and nice fancy cars and boyfriends and being cool. Who bleeping cares?! I had a boyfriend too (which I am now married to) and can't remember anything from high school other than I met my husband there, got really good at cutting school and getting away with it, they made students run a mile three times per week in PE even tho it made me sick to my stomach (I haven't ran a mile since by the way) and I thought Hawaii was another country up until senior year when my teacher made fun of me for it in front of the entire class. Who cares! School sucked.
Fast forward to my children, precious little lambs that they are. I sent my youngest to preschool for two years, let others convince me that he must have some "disorder" because he wasn't talking yet. (The jerks robbed me of two years of his little life while I worried about what label needed to be placed on him). So my first child (I have all boys) had two years of preschool plus kindergarten and first grade in public school. (Insert worst years of my life comment because the teachers were always trying to belittle me because he wasn't a great reader or couldn't sit still long enough and of course that was my fault as his parent). In second grade I homeschooled him while his brother did pre K with me at home (pre K are you kidding me who even does that). It just didn't feel right. It felt like bringing that hell of public school into our home and trying to be "scheduled" because that's how public school was so it must be the right way. No freaking thanks.
So in summary we barely did school that year. Then we moved to a new state for my husbands job. The kids begged me to go to the little farm school by our house (public school but much smaller). I met the teachers and thought ok you're way nicer than the last set and the kids wanna be here so why not. I sat home missing my kids. Half way thru the year I thought ok remind me why I said yes to this. Same crap- rushed mornings, bored kids, crying to just stay home with me and return to homeschool, coming home tired and cranky from school. I even volunteered a ton at the school and saw first hand how much wasted time there is. WASTED TIME. Line up time, get your snow clothes on time, recess, lunch, snack, movie watching time so the teachers could prep lesson plans. Uh -hell to the no!
I called my friend (who homeschooled and helps keep me sane- let's be honest) and cried my head off saying why doesn't any of this feel normal?! (Because it isn't) and she said you have to read this book, it's called Unschooling by Maria Taviano. Thanks to technology I downloaded it in Mach 3 seconds and read the entire thing in three days because it never quit speaking me. This is exactly what I have been dying for someone to tell me for years. I'm sure it took me going thru all these hellish school experiences to finally see the light but good lord I thank God for my special friend who keeps me sane and turned me onto this wonderful ebook that is now going to change our lives- FOR THE BETTER. It gave me reassurance that I'm not crazy and unschooling is so us! Amen and thank you!

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