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 Have you tried Anal play and were hurt by it or just felt it wasn't for you?

Maybe you worry that it's against your religious beliefs? Maybe you even think that God hates people who practice anal sex? My friend anal copulation between a husband and wife is not sodomy. Sodomy is homosexuals practicing anal sex.

The anus of both a man and a woman has become increasingly popular in recent years. You don't have to love it and practice it regularly, but you should at least try it sometimes.

First of all, variety in the course of a marriage makes a marriage spicy. It keeps it interesting. After 25 years of marriage my wife and I tried it for the first time and loved it. At least once a month we try some type of anal play.

I have learned that a finger in her butt makes her cum really quick and powerful. In fact, most of the time she asked me to do it!

You will learn to how to have anal sex without pain but instead with pure pleasure. My wife says she loves the feeling of being full of me and feeling me cumming inside of her. It's such a tender spot she can actually feel my penis ejaculating.  Something that most woman can't feel with their vaginas.

Friends anal play opens up so many opportunities for pleasure and is so fun to take your time and experiment with. One of the reasons we love anal play is that it takes the rush out of sex. When's the last time you had a sexual experience that lasted over two hours?

So, the questions is; "Can Christian couples engage in kinky sex, including "Anal Play."   The bible says it's Okay it's just if it's in a heterosexual marriage. And most Christians believe this to be true.  "We believe that sex between a husband and a wife is a gift from God, and is meant to be enjoyed in all of its wonder and passion.

We believe that according to the scriptures it is acceptable for a husband and wife to explore whatever options bring them pleasure as a married couple.  If these things do not cause harm, do not violate a scriptural command, and do not cause either spouse to be uncomfortable. We are aware that many things in this book may come as a surprise to someone from a traditionally conservative or more formal Christian background. We would encourage you to pray together as a couple and seek the Lord's wisdom, in all matters that concern your marriage including the marriage bed.

Understand that anal play is more than just anal intercourse. It can involve fingering, licking, sucking and the use of various toys.

Anal sex for women can be amazing, it's even possible to experience G-spot stimulation through the anus and for men who are on the receiving end, it's possible for prostate stimulation, which is by the way very pleasurable to those who will give in to the pleasure.

The basics and beginning are anal fingering. Anal fingering can be a comfortable and gentle place to begin exploring anal penetration. Unlike when using a sex toy, during finger-play the fingerer can feel for themselves what is going on inside a partner's bum and get a sense of the interior landscape. Fingering is often used to warm up the butt for bigger things to come–sex toys or a penis–but it can be an enjoyable end point all on its own.

This book first discusses the safety and viability of Anal Play then it moves on various techniques and skills that are sure to drive your partner crazy. It is written from a Christian perspective. Is anal play for everyone? Probably not, but for those who wish to seek advice about this awesome form of lovemaking this book is for you. It contains many pages of pure anal lovemaking techniques.  So, get a copy today!

October 1
Kelly Walls
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